Vegan Shopping List: Must Buys For The Ultimate Diet

7th March 2017

Being a vegan is a wonderful experience, not to mention it is incredibly healthy. But, it isn’t always easy. And, it isn’t always healthy. A balanced diet, including meat and dairy products, is essential to keep the human body in tune. When we, as vegans, omit food from our diet, we run the risk of becoming out of sync with our bodies. Thankfully, we can put this right by understanding we might not be at our healthiest and consuming foods which pay back the debt. Here are foods which will replace the nutrients vegans no longer get from meat and dairy.

Almond Milk

Who said milk has to come from an animal? In my case, I prefer almond milk anyway because it is delicious. Even I admit that some faux foods are hard to stomach, but almond milk isn’t on that list. And, because nuts are an excellent source of nutrients, the milk has a lot of vitamins which we get from normal dairy products. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little more protein to a diet. For anymore with a nut allergy or anyone who wants another option, try soy milk. There is also hemp and rice versions which I hear are pretty good.

Soy Yogurt

Yogurt is a difficult one because it is very healthy. But, it comes from an animal which is against the vegan code. I have found a solution, and it’s called soy yogurt. As the name suggests, it is entirely dairy-free, yet what then the name doesn’t say is that it contains lots of probiotics. Probiotics are nutrients which help regulate the lower intestine and the gut. The result is a more potent immune system because the two are inextricably linked. Good bacteria are essential, which is why vegans need to eat more diet appropriate yogurt.


Why would we want to eat algae? We are vegans, not whales! Well, the truth is that algae are a good source of omega 3 for vegans because they are plants. Omega 3 is, quite simply, one of the healthiest things any of us can eat. The problem is it mainly appears in white fish, and fish is off limits. The boffins, however, have done some research and found out the fish find their omega 3 in krill, which in turn get it from algae. So, all we have to do is cut out the middlemen and eat it in its purest form. Anyone that doesn’t like the sound of algae can try seaweed. It is high in omega 3 as well as EPA and DHEA.

Nuts & Chickpeas

The problem most vegans have is a lack of protein. There is plenty of carbohydrates in a vegan diet, but meat has protein, and we don’t eat meat. The trick is to forget about eating meat and find it elsewhere. Foods like nuts, chickpeas, and beans have a lot of protein, and they grow naturally from the earth. Vegans that replace their meat intake with nuts, peas, and beans will get their fair share of protein.

Being a vegan doesn’t have to be difficult. We just have to make sure we buy the right foods.

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