The Vegan Stockholm Restaurant Guide

2nd February 2021

Stockholm’s vegan scene is rather small but definitely vibrant and varied. The one thing I found a bit strange is how most vegan places are only open for lunch, but there are a few places that offer dinner too, of course. I won’t bore you too much with an intro, but I just want to say that the vegan Stockholm scene has some of the best fast food and Asian food I’ve ever had, and a throng of cute little hipster cafes worth crashing for some healthy breakfast food and delicious coffee. I loved Stockholm and it’s made it to one of my favourite places in Europe for vegan food!

vegan stockholm

The ultimate vegan stockholm guide


mahalo stockholm

A healthy, hip place with two locations, open for breakfast and lunch (this seems to be a theme amongst vegan places in Stockholm – do vegans not eat dinner around here??) Anyway, they offer all the hipster classics such as avo on toast and Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls in coconut shells. Everything is super fresh, the coffee is great and the place is beautiful. And everything is vegan.

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Lao Wai

lao wai

One of the very few all-vegan Stockholm places that’s actually open for dinner, and one you should definitely not miss! Lao Wai is a little inconspicuous, with its simple cosy basement dining room, but you’ll make no mistake that something very excellent is brewing here as you enter and the smell of toasted sesame catches your nostrils. The portions are huge – I had the mapo tofu and it was enough for two meals. Make sure you book ahead as it’s very popular, and with good reason.

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Dirty Vegan

vegan stockholm

“Everything is vegan, everyone is dirty” is the motto of this amazing vegan fast food restaurant in Stockholm. The quirky interior looks like a crappy US highway motel bar and is filled with a bunch of eclectic people you wouldn’t suspect are vegan (well, maybe they’re not, the food is amazing, so who cares if it’s vegan). The waiting staff is the friendliest ever, and, well, did I say the food was amazing? Things to absolutely try: the buffalo wings, the chick’n strips, and the dirty fries. Really awesome.

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Another one of the few fully vegan Stockholm options actually opened for dinner. Hermans offers, for 23 euros, an all-you-can-eat, all-vegan buffet with beautiful views over the river. Everything is home-cooked, wholesome and delicious and the ambience is great. A cosy place to fill your boots with delicious vegan soul food.

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Fern & Fika

fern and fika stockholm

A lovely, fully vegan Stockholm place that’s open for breakfast and lunch. Lots of raw vegan options and excellent coffee. The interior is beautiful and the food is Instagram-worthy for those who care. You’ll find a great selection of sandwiches and bowls (sweet and savoury) and things like smoothies and juices. The brunch plates are really great as you get to sample a few different things. Make sure you keep some room for the raw vegan cakes!

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myvegina stockholm

Once you get past the name, MyVegina is a green oasis to fill up on all your healthy vegan staples like bowls, avo sandwiches, green smoothies and also excellent coffee. The place is small, so make sure you come early enough to grab a seat, or take your food to go. The avo sandwich was a little too greasy for my liking, but I really recommend the bowls and smoothies.

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Bastard Burger

bastard burger

I stumbled on Bastard Burgers a little by accident because, as I said before, not so many vegan places in Stockholm are open for dinner. But what a pleasant surprise! Beware that they serve meat, but the vegan options are plenty, and they are all amazing. Most if not all the vegan burgers use the Beyond patty, which is a winner for me from the get-go, and have great toppings like the truffle mayo and pickled onion combo. Add to that great fries to share and a bit of a boisterous atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself a cracking fast food date.

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Martins Gröna

Martins Gröna

Martins Gröna is a vegetarian and vegan lunch spot located on Norrmalm. The menu is limited to a couple of daily options, but everything is homey, wholesome, and delicious and the home-baked bread is great. Friday’s burrito is a favourite if you have to pick one day to visit. Healthy and delicious with a great atmosphere and great people!

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The Green Queen

the green queen

The Green Queen offers vegan and vegetarian alternatives to burgers, wines, quesadillas, gluten-free beers, kebabs, green smoothies, power shots and snacks. The owner’s inspiration comes mostly from Los Angeles and focuses on plant-based food and drink. They have created a sitting area where you can cuddle at the corner on the sunny side or on-the-go and feel free to bring your food down to the barges at the Mälar pavilion, or why not a picnic in Rålis. Try their spicy corn & chickpea burger or smashed avocado toast with homemade chilli salsa and an ice-cold beer.

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misspresso stockholm

A fully vegan espresso bar/hole in the wall located close to the shopping district serving coffee sourced from women-owned plantations and some snacks. I’d say make the detour only for the Biskvi, this pastry depicted above, a decadently rich and creamy chocolate buttercream on a pistachio and cardamon cake covered in snappy chocolate. Buy their whole Biskvi inventory if you’re there, honestly, you’re welcome.

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BodyBuddy Café & Bakery

BodyBuddy Café & Bakery

Organic, local, seasonal, vegetarian/vegan, and low waste, BodyBuddy is your go-to place for immunity-boosting green juices, nutritious bowls and salads and a hearty weekend brunch. There’s a nice courtyard for the warmer months, but for the rest, the interior is nice and cosy. Great selection of daily soup on the colder months.

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Bagar’n Hornstull

Bagar'n Hornstull

A lovely bakery with a few vegan options. The semla bun is especially great. Take away only. Make it your pit stop in the morning before going out to explore the city!

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Kale & Crave

kale & crave

Come eat some healthy and really, really, reeeeeaaalllyyy delicious kale. Well, they got me at kale. Small but tasty and healthy menu of mostly salads (it’s not all vegan though). All fresh, organic, and clean. Likely the best salad in town!

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Delivore is a small vegan cafe located inside Good Store, a vegan grocery store also worth a visit to stock up on things to bring back home. There’s a small selection of vegan and allergen-free food to pick from that’s gluten and nut-free. Hot dishes selection include sandwiches, wraps, lasagna, toasts and more. The sweet selection includes muffins, cakes, chocolate with cream and marshmallow, and smoothies. A nice little cosy pit-stop!

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Holy Greens

holy greens

Holy Greens is a small chain that serves freshly-made salads made of organic and fresh local ingredients, a few of them vegan – and everything is customizable. It’s not the cosiest place and lines can be a bit long around lunchtime (it’s only open for lunch also), but it’s a great alternative to fast food, and on the go (or to go), it’s a really great option. Healthy and quick.

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The Växthuset team is passionate about taking plant-based food to the next level. The food is seasonal and local, some of it is even foraged from Stockholm’s surroundings. They use Nordic preservation techniques such as pickling and fermenting, They also serve a selection of natural and biodynamic wines, craft beers, spirits and a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages, all local. Quite a fancy experience!

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À la Lo Café & Cantine


A small mother and daughter café serving pastries, coffee and smoothies, all of it vegan. There’s also a selection of warm food for lunch and a weekend brunch all day Saturday and Sunday, all of it French-inspired and yummy. Lovely terrace at the front with great views of the city. A nice little hidden gem!

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Cafe Pom & Flora

pom & Flora

A cute vegetarian and vegan Stockholm cafe with two locations in the city, serving bowls, smoothies, and the usual suspect hipster toasts (avocado). The place is quite small and it can be difficult to get a seat, so do come early. It’s very cute and tasty and definitely worth a visit!

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