The Best European Cities For Vegans

Today I wanted to talk about my top 10 best European cities for vegans.

Europe is a magnet for travelers from all over the world, and for the vegan travelers, it definitely deserves the title of meat-free mecca continent-wide. The same is also true for travelers and those on vacation who just want to eat healthier, and do their bit for the environment and animal compassion. We don’t all have to tuck into animal products all the time, and you too can embark on a travel odyssey as part of your exploration of the best vegan cities in Europe. Being a vegan in Europe has definitely become easier in recent years!

vegan europe 2021

So, which are the best European cities for vegans, the most vegan friendly countries, and the best vegan tours and vegan cuisine? Just about any of the major cities, in fact. Even the French capital city, known for its lack of vegan options a few years ago, is fast becoming a fantastic vegan-friendly city and one of the best places to visit for those on a vegan diet, offering amazing vegan cheese, vegan bakeries, and vegan products of all sorts. Speaking of, here you can find my vegan Paris guide. Many European cities also have a vegan hotel! So, get ready for your Europe rail tours, download happy cow, tuck into this guide to the best vegan holiday destinations Europe has to offer, and soon you could be reveling in the best vegan cities Europe has to offer.

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My 2024 Europe Vegan Travel Guide

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1. Berlin

vegan berlin

Potentially a biased opinion, but Berlin is one of the best vegan cities in Europe — dare I say, the best city. My home for eight years now (!!), Germany’s capital is home to one of the most dynamic and commercially thriving vegan scene in Europe and a perfect stop for those on a vegan lifestyle. It now boasts well over two dozen no-meat cafes and restaurants, as well as vegan bars, vegan-friendly accommodations, an even more impressive collection of vegetarian restaurants, and an array of incredible vegan shops. This European political powerhouse is no slouch in the vegan kitchen, with German chefs’ creativity giving the individual city flair to everything from burgers to pizzas, bowls, and a whole lot more., Kopps, and Brammibals are among the top vegan eateries not to be missed. We even have vegan grocery stores! Read my full Berlin best vegan restaurants guide. I’ve heard many saying that Berlin was the vegan capital of Europe, and I really believe this to be true. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a city with such a large number of vegans. And the number of vegan restaurants keeps increasing year on year.

And whether you’re a solo traveler in Berlin or with someone and want to meet fellow vegans in the city, you can head along to a monthly meeting of like-minded folk or arrange your trip to the wildly popular Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, said to be the biggest such festival in Europe and happening every August since 2007. All that aside, there’s so much to do in Berlin, you’ll love it! Pretty sure you can book a vegan food tour organized by local vegans too. One of the best vegan destinations period.

2. London

vegan food at camden market

London is still one of the best European cities for vegans as people are still flocking to the British capital for their fill of some of the most succulent cruelty-free fare around. One of the real charms of visiting England is its famous traditional pubs, and for vegans, the great news is there’s now a growing number catering to vegan tastes, offering vegan and vegetarian options. And in early 2018, the capital got its first-ever 100% vegan pub, the Spread Eagle, with great food catered by sister company Club Mexicana, a vegan taco favorite among foodies spending a few days in London.

3. Prague

vegan prague

Charming Prague, a popular weekend getaway destination for Europeans, is known for its meat-based dishes, but there’s a growing number of vegan Prague cafes springing up all around this gothic-style city with a pervasive bohemian air and is fast becoming one of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe. Growth in tourism in recent times means people of all shades and tastes have been descending on the Czech Republic capital in greater numbers, and with a correlating rise in veganism, menus are changing to accommodate them. Among the handful of current Prague vegan cafes and restaurants are the not-to-be-missed Moment Kavarna, Forrest Bistro, and Pastva. One of the best vegan cities Europe options for 2024!

4. Warsaw

vegan travel europe - poland

Also, one of the best cities for vegans traveling around Europe is the Polish capital Warsaw. There are tons of vegan restaurants in Warsaw, catering to all kinds of meat-free tastes. Edamame Vegan Sushi is really amazing, with their Japanese-inspired creations that look amazing. It just goes to show that this is one of the most vegan-friendly cities on the continent. Other places to consider in Warsaw for brilliant vegan fare include Vege Miasto, MomencikVegan Ramen Shop, and Leonardo Verde. Traditional cuisine such as pierogies can easily be found vegan too. Warsaw surprisingly also has many vegan-friendly fine dining options and there’s also quite a lot to see a little further afield from the city.

5. Barcelona

barcelona vegan

I can’t mention some of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe without including the Spanish city-by-the-sea of Barcelona. This shimmering metropolis is among the biggest tourist attractions in Europe, and is a place where you can combine high art, fresh fruit, street food, beach life — and great vegan European cuisine. While the Catalonia capital is awash with jamon and queso, here you’ll also find a world of wonderful food that will totally satisfy your vegan palate. These include VeganCat Bar, Tulsi, Eqvilibrivm Cafe, and La Trocadero. Here’s my full vegan Barcelona guide. There are also amazing places to stay in Barcelona.

6. Stockholm

vegan stockholm

Stockholm was one of the few places I got to visit last year and the vegan scene, albeit relatively small, is diverse and really exciting. From the incredible vegan fast food at Dirty Vegan to the best vegan Chinese cuisine at Lao Wai, Stockholm’s compact vegan scene has a bit for every taste and will keep any vegan content for several days in a row. Scandinavia as a whole seems to be super vegan-friendly from what I’ve seen so far, and I’m excited to go back and explore more (I’ve already spent some time in Malmö and it’s equally super vegan-friendly)!

7. Budapest

vegan europe - budapest

We have now come to Budapest, which is rapidly becoming a favourite destination among the health, animal-welfare and environmentally-conscious. After immersing yourself in one of the romantic city’s health-boosting outdoor thermal baths, give yourself some flavorsome lovin’ at Napfenyes Restaurant, Vegan Love, Mennyorzag Szive, or Szabad Bisztro. Wherever you end up on your vegan travel Europe around Budapest, you’ll be hungry for more. Budapest is such a beautiful city and you won’t have any trouble finding vegan breakfast, or well, anything really! Including some vegan versions of some traditional dishes.

8. Amsterdam

vegan amsterdam

For a super vegan holiday in Europe filled with delicious vegan food, look no further than the crazy and amazing Dutch capital of Amsterdam, one of the most vegan-friendly city out there. In this freewheeling, anything-goes, totally-boho-vibe place you’ll be in absolute vegan heaven. And if you feel like being a bit of a slob and pigging out while on your vegan travel in Amsterdam — and why not? — gorge on burgers, fries, and more at Vegan Junk Food Bar. Hey, it’s not like you’ll be stuffing your face at Burger King. For a calmer vegan-dining experience, opt for TerraZen Center, serving up big-portion Japanese and Caribbean dishes. And it may seem like a mission impossible, but Amsterdam’s tiny vegan restaurant Men Impossible is run by just one guy, who serves up Japanese dishes except for sushi.

9. Rome

vegan in rome: markets

Italy has come a damn long way in terms of veganism, and I’m excited to add Rome to the vegan tour of Europe! Despite the fact that only a small part of the contemporary Romans are actually vegan, there are still quite a few places to check out downtown that specialize in vegan food. Some of the best ones include Romeow Cat Bistrot, Solo Crudo, Flower Burger, and iPhame. I have a full guide to vegan Rome that includes a lot of inside tips on what to eat and how to order vegan dishes, including some DIY tips!

10. Manchester

vertigo manchester

Now, whether or not the United Kingdom is part of Europe in your book, you do you, but Manchester fell on my radar because of a tattoo artist I have been visiting, and I was excited to discover one of the vegan friendly European cities and delighted to have to go back quite a few times for a rather extensive back piece tattoo! And here is a fun fact: a man called William Cowherd (the irony…) who was the minister of Greater Manchester in the 18th century was also one of the forerunners of what would become the Vegetarian Society. So there you go: the plant-based diet actually has its origin in Great Britain. No wonder there are so many amazing vegan-friendly restaurants in Manchester! You can read my full vegan guide here.

What’s your favorite vegan friendly cities Europe destinations?

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