Veganism and Affiliate Marketing: How to Earn Money in a Specific Niche

22nd November 2019

Affiliate marketing is trending towards a greater emphasis on specific niches. These are smaller subsets of larger cultures that can be focused upon by host sites while providing links, leads, and conversions. Today I’m going to take a look at how you can earn money in a niche affiliate program by comparing and contrasting the needs of veganism.

The Vegan Niche

Earning Money

Earning money through a veganism niche with affiliate marketing is less about being able to link to a specific website and more about providing information. Veganism is not necessarily selling something to start with- people are constantly trying to get more information on veganism to enhance their own particular experiences, and some people are considering veganism and wanting to stay buff – for that I recommend you check out Vegan Liftz.

Affiliate marketing, in this case, will result in backlinks between blogs as well as links to places that sell specific food products or even informational books. Thus, your affiliate marketing is not necessarily going to be dependent on direct conversions for sales, but on the “leads” generated to those other sites. However, the CPA model of clicks leading people to other sites from your specific blog is going to be a common factor depending on the specific area of marketing upon which you are focusing.

How It’s Unique

This method of affiliate marketing for bloggers is unique because it is informational in nature instead of being a more direct form of sales marketing. The affiliates will depend far more on having people led to their site for purchases or for information than for generating leads, like our next example.

Earning Money

It’s good to branch out. Adult dating is a very popular affiliate marketing niche because millions of people from all over the world are looking for matches online. With exciting new websites launching every year, people need to be led to the websites that provide them with the best possible matches. As such, it should come as no surprise that the top form of affiliate marketing is for an adult CPA network that captures client interest and translates it to marketing success.

The way that affiliates earn money using this method is similar to the veganism niche in that they both benefit from CPAs, but adult dating has an additional wrinkle to it. Specifically, when you become an affiliate for an adult dating website, you will link directly to the sites or their blog so as to bring in new clients. You will likely find affiliates that want to compensate you just for getting people to go their landing page, taking the first step to joining the website. In that sense, it is a lot easier to get started building an income in this niche compared with many other niches out there. You just have to be using the proper affiliate network and things will be clearer and simpler.

How It’s Unique

The adult dating niche is very unique because it is one of the markets that continually trends upwards in terms of its growth. Due to that fact, more and more companies and individual sites are partnering with adult dating affiliates and reaping the benefits. Like we’ve stated, adult dating niches are versatile in their compensation plans and that has resulted in a more diverse group of host sites.

As you can see, there are many ways to earn money with niche affiliate marketing. However, the fact is that every marketing scheme has different needs. By demonstrating how adult and vegan markets are similar but have different needs, you can avoid common pitfalls when approaching a niche affiliate marketing setup. Knowing your audience, the products, and the companies are all keys to success.

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