Visiting Barcelona: A Quick Look at the Top Tourist Destinations

Many individuals consider Barcelona to represent one of the most amazing cities that Europe has to offer. Not only does Barcelona provide tourists with a wealth of attractions to enjoy, but the weather here is agreeable throughout the year. If you are captivated with the Catalan culture or you simply wish to plan an upcoming holiday or living in Barcelona, this city will not disappoint. Let us take a look at a handful of the top sites to visit during your upcoming stay.


Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is the main shopping district within Barcelona. Located only a stone’s throw from the Plaza Catalunya railway station, there are countless unique shops and open-air restaurants to explore. As a growing number of vendors are using high-quality online English tutoring services, communication should generally not present a massive stumbling block.

Sagrada Familia

Created by artist Antonio Gaudi, it can be argued that Sagrada Familia is the most famous building to be found in Barcelona. You can take an up-close look at its seven spires, the intricate wall murals and you may even choose to climb a spiral staircase in order to obtain a bird’s eye view of the city. However, keep in mind that it is not possible to access all areas (the Sagrada Familia is under construction and work is slated to be finished in 2026).


Tibidabo is a massive park set in the foothills of the Collserola mountain range. It offers attractions for the entire family and a handful of restaurants will provide you with an excellent way to escape the heat of the midday sun. Tibidabo is open seven days a week and it can be easily accessed via a nearby metro service. Be sure to take a few pictures during your visit!

The Beaches

Of course, it is important to mention the beaches that Barcelona has to offer. Some well-known stretches of sand include Port Olympic, Barceloneta and San Sebastian. As these beaches become quite crowded during the summer, it might be better to plan your holiday for the spring or autumn in order to avoid large crowds. Many vendors speak a relatively high level of English (check out this chart to appreciate the different levels) and they enjoy catering to foreigners. However, be vigilant of any pickpockets; these beaches tend to attract them.


Montserrat is located approximately 30 minutes outside of Barcelona and it is can reached by taking the FGC railway service. Montserrat is home to an ancient monastery, a large public church, a handful of luxury restaurants, and some of the most splendid views of nature to be found in Catalonia. This could be an ideal destination if you are hoping to escape the city heat for an afternoon.

Please note that there are many more attractions to experience during any trip to Barcelona. Make it a point to perform additional research and if you wish to obtain the best prices, avoid the height of the tourist season.