Want To Stay Fit? Try A New Career!

2nd February 2017

Did you know that sitting in one place for too long is now more damaging than smoking? It’s true so just imagine how many problems you’re causing for your personal health by sitting in an office chair all day. Now, for those of you are stuck behind a desk there’s good news. You can improve the situation by getting into the habit of moving your feet and standing up every twenty minutes or so. You might also want to exercise your arms and fingers in your break to avoid developing chronic pain. Also, if you sit with the right posture, don’t slouch and keep your back straight you can improve the situation. But, if that’s not good enough you may want to think about completely altering your career path. Instead of having a career where you’re sitting down all day, choose one that keeps you active and on the go.

Don’t forget, there’s more than just a physical benefit to this possibility. Choosing an active career will also help you reduce the level of stress in your life. You’ll be able to escape the tension that builds up in a typical work environment. Emotional health is definitely related to the physical side of your life. If you can fix one, you’ll find that the other slips into place beautifully. But what careers can you consider that will keep you active?

Those Who Can’t Teach…

Teach gym! If you love sports but don’t like the competitive nature of it, this is the perfect career choice for you. Your role will be to creative fun activities that engage a young audience and encourage them to stay active. Dodgeball is always a personal favorite in sport. The only problem is that you may find yourself as more of a guide than anything else. It’s entirely possible that you won’t be that active on the field which is certainly a problem. There is another option though.

Be A Fitness Trainer

If you love the idea of teaching but hate the idea of working with children, you can become a fitness trainer. You can get started by having a look at some fitness courses online. This will teach you everything you need to know about pushing people to do better. You need to encourage them to stay active and keep them moving towards their goals. The only issue here is that it can be difficult to get started and build a following. We suggest you look into boosting your social profiles online until you find people are interested.

Diving Exploration

Lastly, if you love getting your feet wet and the rest of your body for that matter, you might want to look at a career in diving and exploration. To get started on this path, you’ll need to get your diving qualification. You may also need knowledge of physics and chemistry, at least at a basic level. In this job you’ll be swimming to the deep depths to help recover lost items and explore shipwrecks. It’s an incredible job but it can be difficult to find these days. The role is often completed using technology rather than human labour.

Do any of these active careers suit you?

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