What to pack for your trip in Vietnam

15th May 2018

For those who love exploring the new lands, perhaps the implementation of a trip to Vietnam will not be out of the expected. You should carefully prepare and find out the basic information about the place you want to go and the furniture needed for the trip to make it more convenient. The following article will help you sum up what to pack for backpacking in Vietnam. Let’s check it out!

1. Passport, visa and personal papers

First of all, you have to apply for a Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassies, e-visa or visa on arrival (highly recommended). The important papers are the most important thing when traveling, so keep your hand, or wrap it with waterproof bag, and take photos and capture these photos in the phone, email to back up in case of trouble. So please carefully check out more regarding Vietnam visa on arrival before your trip!

If you intend to rent a motorbike in Vietnam, it should be equipped with an international driver’s license.

The bags for papers and your backpacks are attached the name tag or name and information to be able to contact.

All the papers you should prepare include identity card (for renting a room), driving license (for renting a car in the locality) and insurance (if any).

2. Prepare money when traveling to Vietnam

How much money is prepared? This depends on how much you spend. However, there are some costs that can be estimated in advance such as hotel, transportation, and the entrance tickets. In addition, with the expenses such as food and shopping, you can balance from 1.5 to 2 times the cost you often spend.

When travelling to Vietnam, in addition to the money of the native country, you should prepare USD and international payment card (Visa or Master Card) to back up.

The money and cards should be divided into several places. There are some tips such as hidden at the bottom of the backpack or in your shoes which can also apply if you feel unsafe.

3. Backpack and suitcase

In our experiences, you should choose a power-assisted backpack or a suitcase, with a wheeled rifle to move (or a backpack with wheels, the best of both worlds). Do not bring too many items, making it difficult to move much.

In addition to the main backpack and suitcase, you should have a small bag to carry some important items in hand.

Rain cover may be necessary for you as well if it rains or avoids dirt when you have to send it in the bus vault.

4. Clothes

The most flexible clothes are jeans and T-shirts which make you more comfortable and active during the trip. Choosing clothes that are wrinkle-free, no need to iron is the most important criterion for clothing. Also be prepared:

  • Small knife or multi-purpose knife
  • Flashlight
  • Anti-mosquito cream
  • Shampoo and shower gel
  • Medicine: Abdominal pain medicine (Imodium or any kind you often use), fever drug (Panadol) and a bottle of medicated oil.
  • Umbrellas in case of unpredictable weather. You should choose short umbrellas which can be put in your bag.

If you are female, you should bring some necessary things for yourself. Bring the pillows to support your head and neck during transportation by bus.

When putting items into a suitcase, you should wrap your underwear separately before putting it in a plastic wrap. Remember to refer to how to compact the shirt to save space. Putting clothes into the backpack should order: jeans -> t-shirts -> underwear -> jacket…. for convenience use.

You can choose plastic belts instead of metal to save time at the security door at the airport.

Most of the Vietnam trips, you will have to walk a lot, so choose lightweight sports shoes. Also bring a pair of sandals or slippers, about 2-3 pairs of socks to use.

5. Food and drink

In addition to enjoying the local cuisine while travelling, you should also actively take some fast food such as cakes or chocolate in case of inappropriate taste of the country or when moving.

You can also prepare an empty bottle to get free water at the airport or hotel.

6. Phones, cameras and technology

Take full charge of the battery and charger for use with electronic devices, and you should also reserve a phone if needed. If you like taking pictures with your phone, take a remote stick or a tripod.

In addition, if you have regular online demand, you can also prepare a mobile Wifi broadcast which can be rent in Vietnam. Use waterproof bags for expensive electronic equipment.

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