When You Need A Quick Break: Chichester, UK

30th April 2021

If you need a quick break, whether it’s to rest or for inspiration, Chichester, in the UK, is a nice option.

When going on vacation, it is crucial to make sure you choose accommodation with a great amount of care. There are lots of different factors to take into consideration when trying to find the best holiday cottage for you. You will want to find a self-catering college that is situated in a good location. This does not simply mean somewhere where there is a lot for you to do, but it also needs to be somewhere that is convenient as well. Are there any pubs and restaurants nearby? Will it be easy for you to get milk, bread and all of the other essentials you will need? What is public transport like in the area – will it be easy for you to get around? These are all questions that you will need the answers to.

Chichester is undoubtedly a popular choice for those seeking a week or weekend away. This is a city located in West Sussex and it has so much to offer. It has a unique atmosphere and there is plenty to see and do. And to see it all, one of my favourite things to do is to rent a campervan. The distinct charm of Chichester lies within its history. This is a place with so many different stories to tell. It is actually home to some of the oldest buildings in the whole of the UK, with the cathedral being a prime example of this. Chichester Cathedral is an immensely popular tourist attraction and somewhere you should certainly consider incorporating into your trip if you are visiting the area. There are also a lot of independent and unusual shops in Chichester too. Whether you are a shopping fan or simply want to pick up a souvenir, you will love what is on offer. The cobbled roads and the friendly locals really add to the overall experience as well. This is a place with a beautiful ambience and a special vibe, that’s for sure!

Another great thing about staying in Chichester is the fact that you will have a wealth of fantastic self-catering cottages to choose from, not only in the city itself but the surrounding area. These cottages provide the perfect base for your holiday. They are a much better alternative to staying in a hotel. Cottages can accommodate larger groups and they present you with the freedom to enjoy your holiday as you wish. You will also be able to take advantage of some of the most magical locations, with stunning views on offer. It’s a real treat. The cottages are all traditional, quaint and cosy. They will make your holiday that extra bit special.

Nevertheless, when choosing the right accommodation, you not only need to think about the wow factor but also the convenience too. This is something that was touched upon before when mentioning the convenience of the location you select as well. It is so important to be close to local amenities and living elements so that your holiday is as easy and enjoyable as possible. You don’t want to spend your entire vacation looking for a supermarket. Unfortunately this is something a lot of people do not take into consideration when they are booking their holiday and they live to regret it. Plus, if you are going on a study break or seeking inspiration, or you need to complete work tasks, facilities and internet strength. After all, you can do anything online today, even a Carson-Newman online FNP, and taking a study break is a great way to refresh your brain.

This is where Chichester really shows its worth. It is a tourist destination that ticks all of the boxes. You are not going to find yourself residing in a village whereby you are simply relying on one local shop and hoping that it will be open when you require something. In fact, you will never be far away from a kiosk, supermarket, bar or restaurant. So this is something you really do not need to worry about. Of course if you opt to stay in a secluded setting on the outskirts of Chichester then there is every chance that you will have to drive a short distance of any amenities or living elements. However, this will be something you will have expected when choosing such a location.

So, what does Chichester have to offer? Well, we have already mentioned the cathedral, which is a truly stunning sight to behold. There are a lot of other ancient parish churches to marvel over as well. Thus, if this is something that interests you it is definitely worth looking into it in more detail. There are many historic houses too, with Petworth House and Goodwood House being the two most notable and famous ones. There are plenty of museums and castles as well. This is what makes Chichester so unique. It is a city, and a vibrant one at that, but it hasn’t lost its routes. You can take a trip back in time with ease via the wealth of attractions that are on offer and by the sheer design and appearance of the area as well.

If you are someone who prefers marvelling over natural beauty, then there is certainly a lot of this as well. There are plenty of lovely scenic local walks for you to enjoy. A lot of people like taking a trip to Pagham Harbour Nature Reserve. Let’s not ignore the local beaches either. In the summer the beaches provide you with a beautiful place to relax and catch some rays. However, if you are visiting during the winter months, they still provide a lot of beauty for you to take advantage of. There is nothing nicer than a lovely walk across the beach in the morning. You then of course have Chichester Harbour and the wealth of woods and fields in and surrounding the city too.

Perhaps you are someone who likes something a bit faster paced? If you are a sports fan or an adrenaline seeker, you may be shocked to discover that Chichester caters to this as well. Of course you have the famous Goodwood nearby! Goodwood is the home of motorsport and thus you really can enjoy rapid paced entertainment. Perhaps you would prefer to watch the horse racing? You have a choice of both Goodwood and Fontwell. Keep an eye on the horse racing calendar, as there are lots of fantastic events held at both courses throughout the entire year. Maybe water sports are more your thing? There is the opportunity to try a bit of sailing at Chichester Harbour. Or maybe you would like to do a spot of fishing? The choice is of course yours.

Finally, when it comes to food and drink you certainly will not be short of options. In Chichester you have all of the standard options you would expect in terms of shopping. Yet, you then have a lot of added extras as well! Keep an eye out for any special events, such as the food festivals that go on in Sussex, as these are a real treat. Chichester is also a place that constantly sells fresh, local food. From vegetables, to home produced jam, to selsey crabs, there are so many delights to enjoy! The good restaurants in the area will all use locally produced food as well.

All in all, it is not difficult to see why Chichester is a popular tourist destination. It is an area which boasts an abundance of things to see and do! Nonetheless, it is also a place that ticks every box in terms of amenities and living elements as well, which is equally as important.

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