Where is the prettiest place to visit in the US?

The US is a well-traveled and well-loved tourist destination for many reasons. It can offer every type of trip imaginable, from city breaks in famous cities like New York and San Francisco to hiking adventures and extreme sports programs to beach stays and vineyard tours – there isn’t much you can’t do.

But what if you want to visit a place of beauty, a place where you can take some really great pictures and spend some time basking in the views?

Well, we’ve been doing some research into the prettiest places you can visit in the US and we’ve gathered all the information here. Below, we’re going to be taking a look at the things you should know before traveling to the US as well as some of the prettiest places you can visit when you’re there.

Take a look now to find out more.

Traveling to the US: Things you need to know

Before we dive into the stunning and picturesque places you could add to your US itinerary, there are a few things you need to know about before you travel.

The ESTA System

First up is the ESTA system. You may be wondering: what is ESTA, and how does it relate to travel in the US? Well, the ESTA system is a form of electronic travel authorization required of visitors to the US who are from countries that are part of the Visa-Waiver program. The Visa-Waiver Program allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the US without a visa.

An ESTA allows you to stay in the US for up to 90 days and is valid for two years or until your passport runs out. It covers travel relating to tourism, visiting family and friends, business purposes, and medical treatment.

The ESTA system allows the US to acquire more information on visitors to the country that do not need a visa, allowing for more security at their borders. Note: holding an ESTA does not guarantee you entry into the US and this can still be denied by the border security.

Tips for traveling the US

When it comes to traveling in the US, there are some things that will differ from your home country and there are things you should be aware of. We’ve summarised a few common differences below.

  • Tipping is essential – Minimum wage in the US is pretty low and so tipping is expected in restaurants and other places where staff provide a service.
  • Tax is calculated after the fact – For some reason in the US, tax isn’t added to the price of items on shelves in shops, instead, it is added at the checkout. Be prepared to pay more than you expected at the checkout!
  • You may need to hire a car – Depending on where you’re staying, you may need to rely on a rental car rather than public transport as the availability differs drastically from cities to more rural areas.
  • Alcohol laws differ from state to state – The laws on what alcohol can be sold and drunk can differ drastically depending on which state you’re in. Some states only allow some kinds of alcohol to be sold on certain days!

The prettiest places you can visit in the US

From the Grand Canyon to Yosemite National Park, you’ve probably heard of the beautiful places in the US, and now that you’re prepared to go to the US, why don’t we take a look at our top picks for the prettiest places in the US?

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Sitting atop a volcanic hotspot, Yellowstone National Park is a stunning landscape with hundreds of geysers and thousands of thermal features on display. It boasts wildlife in the form of plants and animals and you can also try out activities like skiing, flyfishing, and hiking.

We advise charging your camera before going because whatever you’re doing and wherever you are in this national park, you’ll want to take a picture of its beauty.

Death Valley National Park, California

Don’t let the name fool you, Death Valley National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the US. Situated below sea level and in one of the hottest and driest places in the country, the national park is known for its extremes.

With peaks that are covered in snow and extreme rainfall, and a wide variety of wildflowers, beauty is everywhere there. Why not try a night tour? Or a hiking trail, and truly take in the beauty of this place.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

The most photographed place in the state, the orange swirls of Antelope Canyon offer some of the most surreal landscapes in the US. This spot is only a short hike away and is one of the must-see pretty places in America.

Final thoughts

The US is full of so much natural beauty that it can be quite difficult to pick the best spot. Take a look at our list, see if you can find a place you want to see on your trip and plan some activities to do while you’re there!