Why You Should Start Doing Pilates

30th April 2021

Since the pandemic situation, more and more people are working from home or creating an online presence with which they can earn in these hard times. This requires a lot of sitting. From morning until the evening, we sit in one place and stare at a computer. This is very unhealthy, it’s bad for your posture, your physical form, even your breathing changes when you sit all day.

Before this, most people walked around every day, either to go to the store, to the office, or maybe their job was connected to moving a lot. This has been thrown out the window completely. Some lucky people aren’t in lockdown, and can still go outside to have a long walk or just a breath of fresh air. But this situation will not change from one day to the other, so we need to be proactive and get ahead of the curve.

woman doing yoga

A lot of people had a habit of working out or going to the gym, but this is strained during the lockdown. Instead, we can only rely on ourselves to keep all this at bay and stay ahead. A great way to do this is by creating a workout routine to stick to, that way people engage their muscles during the day, no matter what. Even without the existence of this lockdown, people still need a natural way to engage their body, without having to go to a gym, to do unnatural practices with equipment, while others judge them from a distance.

This is where Pilates comes in. Pilates is good for a myriad of things. First of all, it’s a great workout. After only a few weeks, people can see major differences in their bodies and their overall health. Pilates also has a few yoga-like flows and poses, which means that it also helps stretch. This is very helpful for those staying in the same position day after day. This small hint of yoga also helps balance your hormones, chakras, and it helps with conscious breathing techniques.

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Bringing these two together, they introduce a lot of advantages, like tone the body, correct breathing, balance, flexibility, not to mention good posture, which is very important for people who sit all day. Pilates will not only balance out the negative home-office means for our everyday lives but will help bring your physical well-being to a whole new level.

Looking for the right class, or starting the right at-home workout routine is hard, but the key is to just stick with it. There are thousands if not millions of videos online, and everyone does it differently. There are hundreds of challenges, thousands of foreign named “best workouts”, so people tend to jump around from one to the other, they want to try all of them at once, and then stop altogether after 5 days. Instead, just pick one, and stick with it for a month or so. It’s great to choose a 20-40 day challenge because that way you won’t be looking at other videos, and you’ll have a time limit. But after that first day, there’s no going back. Do it.

Pilates too has a lot of different branches, names, forms, there are a few that use equipment, and a lot that don’t, there are ones that infuse a deeper yoga-like stretch, and ones that focus on toning. Just take a look in the mirror, and determine two things: are you a beginner, or not, and what is your goal? And type those two details in. Pilates for toning, for beginners. Or pilates for strengthening the core.

And the reason pilates is the queen of exercise is that it will tone the entire body, in the most natural way possible. Our body was not designed to do just one thing over and over again, and it was not designed for different equipment. Our body was made to climb trees and mountains, and to be able to lift our own weight, and bend naturally. Pilates does just that. It engages our muscles and entire body in natural ways, using the weight of our own body to determine how much we can handle. So instead of the up-down motion of lifting weights, it’s a comfortable flow. Also, you won’t have to choose separate days for different body types. Forget leg-days, and arm-days, pilates engages them all at once. Or, if you do like to assign each day, you can find pilates workouts for concrete body parts as well.

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