Yoga Retreat Bali: Where and When to go

3rd February 2020

Bali has become known in the health-minded sphere to be an incredible location for all things spirituality, wellness, veganism, and of course Bali yoga. And when it comes to taking a yoga retreat Bali is truly like nowhere else. For years now, people have been flocking to the island at all stages of their yoga journey to experience all the incredible energy and rejuvenation retreats the island has to offer. If you think you’re not advanced enough or not good enough, here’s one of many yoga quotes I truly love: “A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” There are yoga retreats in Bali for everyone.

With countless Bali yoga retreat options, it is a true epicentre for yoga, health & wellness retreats. And with so many Bali retreats to choose from, I narrowed down the best yoga retreats Bali has to offer (read this for some Bali itinerary idea) to help guide you in your decision and find the best yoga retreat Bali to suit your own goals.

***The best time to visit Bali is from April to September which is the dry season.

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Yoga Retreat Bali: my 2020 picks

Bagus Jati, Ubud, Indonesia

Bagus Jati is hidden deep in the serene jungles and rice paddies of Ubud, the heart of the islands spiritual and wellbeing centre. The luxury Balinese villas within the Bagus Jati health and wellness yoga resort Bali are the ideal place for you to make use of the traditional healing services such as reiki, holistic counselling, vegan and spiritual nutrition any many more. The retreat also offers unique local experiences where you can immerse yourself in the culture with outings to the nearby waterfalls and treks, Balinese dance lessons and herbal remedy making. It’s no surprise the Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing retreat in Ubud is recognized as the best retreat in Bali, all over the world, perfect for anyone looking for yoga vacations.

Check out the retreats at Bagus Jati

7 Days Unlimited Yoga Holiday in Canggu, Bali

yoga retreat bali

For an energizing 7 days of yoga, Canggu offers everything an ocean & yogi lover needs. This 7-day yoga retreat Canggu is hosted at the peaceful Serenity Eco-Guesthouse in the heart of Canggu and only a few minutes away from the beach. This yoga retreat offers its guests up to 9 yoga classes a day with styles including Hatha, vinyasa, acro, ashtanga and more. You’ll also have access to their meditation room and complimentary daily breakfast during your stay. Accommodation options include a mixed dorm, private single or double rooms suitable for an array of budgets. Offering an incredible location and unlimited yoga makes this Bali yoga retreat one of the best of the best!

Check out retreats at Serenity Eco-Guesthouse now!

Yogi’s Fantasy Trip in Ubud

This vacation package from WellBook is totally unique. The founders (two westerners who live in Ubud) have designed a “yoga fantasy package” to give visitors an immediate taste of what all the hype is about with the yoga scene in Ubud. So many visitors come to Bali wanting to experience the yoga lifestyle but don’t know where to stay, or how to get past the touristy layers of Bali. It’s for people who want to get a taste of what it’s actually like to live in Ubud. If you want to experience Bali and it’s social scenes rather than just lounging by a pool and getting spa treatments, this is such an amazing and unique option for a retreat.

You’ll stay just down the street from the Yoga Barn, the mecca of yoga retreat in Bali, and the centre of the social community. You’ll receive a guided itinerary of all the best restaurants, spas, social hubs, and hidden gems most tourists never get exposed to, as well as a local agent for support during your trip. It’s is full of amazing moments and authentic discovery, giving you the guidance you need to make an amazing personal retreat, and enough flexibility to make the trip what you want.

Check out Bali yoga retreats and more at WellBook now!

7 Days Yoga Wellness Holiday at Shanti Toya Ashram, Bali

health retreat bali

When looking for a relaxing yoga Bali retreat, the island offers the perfect backdrop with its serene rice fields and jungle views. That’s the exact landscape you’ll witness upon entering Shanti Toya Ashram. This 7-day yoga wellness retreat offers guests an incredible package of yoga & authentic Balinese cultural experiences. The three yoga styles offered at this retreat are Hatha, vinyasa & yin. Each day during this yoga treat is a little different, but every day incorporates a morning yoga practice and a Balinese cultural activity such as Balinese cooking classes or dancing classes.

Check out retreats at Shanti Toya Ashram now!

8 Days Wellness Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali

bali yoga

Spend a rejuvenating eight days in Ubud at the Firefly Resort. A perfect yoga experience for all levels and those looking to grow in their spirituality. Everything you’re looking for in a health retreat, Bali provides. That’s no exception at the Firefly Resort with every day of this wellness retreat involving daily yin, Hatha or vinyasa yoga classes. Guests are served daily organic & vegetarian meals with unlimited herbal water. When guests aren’t practising yoga, they’re encouraged to enjoy the surrounding rice fields by bicycle or partake in a Balinese experience such as cooking or offering-making classes. This yoga retreat in Ubud also includes cacao & fire ceremonies and one Balinese massage is included in the cost of the retreat.

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4 Days Luxury Detox Yoga Holiday

Yoga seminyak

For detoxifying wellness and yoga, Seminyak offers one of the best yoga retreats in Bali: a 4-day yoga retreat that focuses on lowering stress, clearing your skin and boosting your energy levels. For four days, you will partake in a cleanse that includes fresh-pressed juices and organic, raw meals. Each day you will participate in a power yoga class. The retreat also includes a one-time colonic treatment by a certified colonic therapist and a one-time 60-minute spa experience. All guests will have a consultation with a certified nutritionist before partaking in the juice cleanse & colonic treatment. Accommodation during the four nights includes private rooms with a superior garden view. This is the ultimate wellness retreat experience for those looking for a life-changing detox.

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