Yoga Room Decorating Ideas

6th July 2021

yoga room

A yoga room is one of those places you want to walk into and experience an instant feeling of calmness. Yoga studios appear and feel like sanctuaries as they are supposed to be open, relaxed spaces. However, anyone can achieve the perfect yoga space by following simple decorating tips such as:


One thing that all yoga spaces have in common is that they are very minimal. If you would like to set up a yoga room, the first crucial step is to tidy and declutter. You want the area to be as free of furniture and clutter as possible. The cleaner, tidier and airier the room, the more calming it will be, so it is best to maximize free space.

Even out the Floor

Before you add anything to a room, it is essential to make sure you have a smooth and stable floor surface to practice yoga. Therefore, look out for any cracks, gaps and holes on the floor and manage or seal them with the best silicone caulk. An even floor will not only make the yoga sessions more enjoyable but also prevent injuries.


Adding a fresh coat of paint to your yoga room walls will create a refreshing atmosphere. White is the best choice. It also makes a room appear larger than it is. Cream, beige, blush, and other neutral shades would also work best for yoga rooms. Just ensure that all colours on the floors, walls, curtains, and accessories adhere to a common theme so that everything blends in together.

Decorate with a Purpose

Yoga spaces do not need any unnecessary decor pieces. This does not mean that you cannot decorate completely. However, it is advisable to accessorize with items that are meaningful and functional to space.
You can opt for:

  • Candles, reed diffusers, and humidifiers to add some knick-knacks to the yoga room. They are all useful in aromatherapy which complements yoga practice.
  • Plants are another example of decor pieces that look beautiful in a space but are still functional. Nature is quite calming, and you can never go wrong with plants in moderation in a yoga room.
  • Wall hangings of printed yoga quotes, mindfulness quotes, or a unique clock can make a massive difference yet is fairly effortless.


Lighting is often underrated but affects the mood and functionality of a space immensely. The secret is to have as much natural light as possible. When the sun is too bright, blinds can help minimize the glare. When using artificial light, have dimmer overhead lights than you would in other rooms. This way, the light is not too overpowering, and the ambience is warm yet toned down enough to keep you relaxed throughout your yoga sessions.


To achieve a well-organized room, you need to have sufficient storage space. A lock-away cabinet is best to retain the minimalist aesthetic, but you can use alternative storage solutions if this is not possible. Use antique chests and large baskets, which will act as decor pieces and provide storage solutions for yoga mats, blankets, and more.

There is no rule book as to how a typical yoga room should look like. Each yoga space is a blank canvas, and individuals can play around with the elements we have discussed here to suit their personalities and needs. If you like a certain colour, you can add hints here and there with brightly coloured yoga mats, for instance, then retain neutral colours for everything else. It is all about getting creative with what you have but trying to be as minimal and straightforward as possible.

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