10 Travel Photography Ideas

Now photography has become a part of our life. We take pictures on the phone of the moments we need or objects we like. Photography is also inextricably linked with travel because you always want to take a couple of pictures of interesting places as a keepsake. When you get a little tired of simple photos capturing moments of a trip, it’s time to start taking artistic photographs.

Also, before any trip, where you can take a bunch of awesome photos, you should prepare all the necessary documents. Here you may also need photos. Luckily, making Costco passport photos is now available online. This will help make the entire preparation process as simple and convenient as possible.

After preparing all the necessary documents and packing your belongings, you should find out if it is legal to shoot in the places that you have chosen for your trip. In any case, you should avoid shooting military installations, police stations, and government offices.

Local Events

National flavor and emotions spill out at such events with all their might, which helps to make memorable photos. Whether it’s a wedding or a local festival, you’ll always find interesting angles and faces.

You just need to be at the right time in a place that does not limit you in choosing a shooting point. Well, if you have a telephoto lens with you, it will not only allow you to take good close-ups from a long distance but also leave out of-focus possible distracting background details.

Market or shopping street

Look for unusual and little-known places. Try to get to places where the locals are not used to seeing tourists. Not only will your photography get better, but you will also learn something new about the world and enrich yourself as a person.

Local points – a market or a street where shops are located – a great place to feel the atmosphere and take pictures of people and goods. At the moment of choosing goods, people seem to be more relaxed than usual. Moreover, it will be much easier for you to shoot strangers if they are busy with their own business. Remember, not everyone and not everywhere can be filmed.

Interesting details of architecture

Capturing characteristic architectural micro-details can give a glimpse of the entire local culture. Pay attention to interesting shapes, textures, and patterns that will help you create impressive photographs.

Try to draw the attention of the viewer to interesting details. You will most likely need a telephoto lens and a stable tripod for this kind of architectural photography.

Shooting natural objects

Each locality has its own characteristic objects. For example, fields of sunflowers or lavender often evoke associations in France, olive groves in Greece, tea plantations in India, fishing boats in island fishing grounds, and vineyards in Italy.

Portraits of local residents

This is a win if you find an interesting contact model. Photos of people can be both a good addition to a travel report, and independent works of art.

Original transport

Local transport as a subject of photography can be no less attractive than portraits of local residents.

Here, as in the case of landscape photos, there are many examples: gondolas in Venice, rickshaws in Asia, funiculars in San Francisco, camels in Africa, and elephants in India.

From images of vehicle details and equipment to action shots, train station architecture, or portraits of fellow travelers, you have at your disposal a myriad of ways to shoot.

Non-standard view of standard seats

Make yourself a list of places to go to shoot. And be sure to follow your plan! Most people take pictures of famous buildings or monuments, but few people think about how to make these pictures unusual and memorable.

Here are some ways:

  • Come up with a new angle where you can exaggerate the perspective or introduce some unusual foreground detail;
  • Find a distant place and include more of the surroundings in the frame;
  • If you have a wide-angle or telephoto lens, try using their perspective distortion capabilities;
  • Try to include some interesting people in the frame. Locals going about their business or tourists huddling in the patch for good shots.


Storefronts in countries like India or Africa can be quite quirky. Photos of this kind can eventually form an interesting collection. Sometimes it can be very interesting to include in the frame those who like to stare at shop windows or people who are on the other side of the glass – in a store or cafe. You can also shoot the city reflected in the shop windows.

Bright colors

Notice and shoot brightly colored subjects to create an energetic, vibrant composition. Focus on just one or two colors. A photograph dominated by strong primary colors such as red or blue can be very effective.

Concentrate on, but don’t get hung up on, the primary colors, as a combination of subtler hues like pink and green can work just as well.

You know who’s in the details

Look for the little details that capture the spirit of the place you are in.

These can be interesting moments of life, objects, drawings, light on the pavement, handicrafts of local craftsmen, and dishes from the local tavern. A small detail can leave a big mark on your memory. Look for signs and symbols. Take pictures of the characteristic features of the country where you went.