5 Easy Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood


Occasionally, everyone feels a bit down in the dumps. You may have woken up in a grumpy mood, are experiencing career stress, or are worried about a loved one. No matter your circumstances, it can be tough to stay positive. Life-altering changes are not required to improve your mood. Whether you spend more time with friends and family or treat yourself to a new piece from the Evil Eye Jewelry collection, there are plenty of ways to work out of your funk. Here’s some things you can try to boost your mood.


Experiencing a good laugh can help to ease tension and relax your muscles. When you laugh, you draw more oxygen into your body, helping you feel more vibrant. Laughing can soothe our stress response, making it a great way to boost your mood. Laughter is easier to find than you may think. Find a funny and witty manuscript, watch a hilarious movie, or spend some time with your funniest friend to get your laughs.

Good Deeds

If you have been feeling blue, taking the focus off of your problems and focusing on others can be therapeutic. Occasionally, doing a good deed for someone else can positively affect your mood. Giving to others can stimulate the pleasure centers of our brains, so consider volunteering or being philanthropic in some way for an unexpected boost.

Family and Friends

Social connections are directly related to happiness. Your mood instantly improves if you talk to someone you love or on the phone. It is essential to have friends when you need positive affirmations, good laughs, or to vent your frustrations.


Relaxation can be achieved through meditation. You can reduce your blood pressure and relieve the adverse effects of stress through slow, meditative breathing. If you are new to meditation, there are plenty of online apps you can use and instructional classes for all skill levels and ages. The main goal of meditation is to calm your body and mind and find peace within your soul.

Get Outside

Going outdoors is one of the best ways to liven your mood. Spending at least half an hour outdoors can increase your energy and reduce your blood pressure. You can indulge in self-care by getting outdoors.

Simply walking out in nature or around your neighborhood can reduce the stress responses in your brain. Having your morning coffee on the porch or stretching your legs for a stroll around the neighborhood, are just simple ways to give yourself a dose of fresh air. You can boost your overall mood by adding just 30 minutes of outdoor activity daily.

Hug Someone

Physical touch releases oxytocin, a hormone regulating the body’s stress response. Research shows that hugs reduce stress levels in those dealing with interpersonal conflict. Hugs also stimulate the pressure receptors in your skin, lowering the stress hormones in your body.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends and family living nearby. If you don’t have anyone to hug at the moment, you can always show yourself some essential kindness and compassion. After you hug it out, you can find even more comfort in a weighted blanket. These heavy blankets are designed to reduce anxiety and boost mood.

Practice Gratitude

The most important aspect of regulating your mood is through adjusting your attitude and perspective. You can always choose to see the positive side of every situation. Practicing gratitude in your life will help you to see things more positively.

Using a gratitude journal to record your thoughts at the end of the day can give you a new perspective. You might be thankful for the person that let you in line at the lunch truck or that you just made the last subway out of the city. The most important thing is to acknowledge your gratitude. Before long, you will be actively looking for these little moments in your life, and your mood will have changed dramatically for the positive.

If you are struggling with your mood, and feeling a bit down in the dumps, try some of these things to help you to lighten your spirits and have a great day.