A Vegan Foodie’s Guide to Vietnam

The perception of South Eastern Asian countries often revolves around the assumption that they only have meaty delicacies. Contrary to this widespread belief, Vietnamese cuisine stands out for its remarkable accommodation of vegan preferences. In other words, their meals are not about snails, pork, dog meat, beef, etc. Veganism is gaining a lot of popularity in South Eastern countries, especially Vietnam.

More and more people in South Eastern countries, like Vietnam, are choosing to eat vegan. There are many Vietnamese meals that are completely vegan. But not everyone knows that there are special local meals made just for vegans. Read and learn about the best vegan dishes you can find in Vietnam.

Rice paddy in Hoi An, Vietnam

7 popular vegan dishes in Vietnam you should try out

The vegan dishes or meals in Vietnam are delicious and not just put together for dieting. Give it a try and explore some of the most delicious vegan dishes you can have when you visit Vietnam.

Pho Chay

One of the best vegan meals you must try out is Pho Chay. The Pho Chay offers your taste buds a warm hug. It is a steaming bowl of goodness filled with herbs and slurp-worthy rice noodles. Other veggie delights are part of the Pho Chay. Pho Chay is available in most popular restaurants in Vietnam.

Banh Mi

You cannot visit Vietnam without trying out this mouthwatering meal. The Banh Mi is an iconic sandwich sold in most restaurants and locally on the streets. Amazingly, the Banh Mi is not just a popular meal in Vietnam; most Indian cities sell it. The Banh Mi is a baguette filled with marinated tofu. It also has a lot of vegetables, fresh herbs, and amazing sauce.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Banh Xeo Chay

Come and have a taste of Banh Xeo Chay. The Banh Xeo Chay is a very popular street meal for vegetarians. It is a crispy, golden pancake that consists of bean sprouts and tofu. Furthermore, you can find a bit of mushroom in some. The first bite of this delight can take you to a delightful place and can make your taste buds screen for joy. When you try Banh Xeo Chay on your next trip to Vietnam, you will be tempted to eat it all through your stay.

Goi Cuon

The Goi Cuon is also called the fresh summer rolls. Goi Cuon is another must-try vegan dish when visiting this Southeast Asian country. It is rice mixed with fresh herbs, tofu, avocado, or mango. Each bite of Goi Cuon is mouthwatering and a burst of freshness. Also, it is crunchy and has a dipping sauce. It is a local meal, so you can find it anywhere in Vietnam.

Cha Gio

The Cha Gio offers a very crispy sensation. It is a fried spring roll every vegan would delightfully eat and ask for more. It is a local dish you can find on the streets of Vietnam. In addition, Cha Gio has several flavors, such as tofu and noodles. Dip it in the tangy sauce to enjoy it further, and your taste buds will smile. Most likely, the Cha Gio is among the first meals that your Vietnamese friend would want you to try out as a vegan.

Com Chay

Com Chay is a tasty vegan dish that you’ll enjoy trying when you visit Vietnam. Chay is rice served with tofu, pickles, and mock meat. Also, sometimes served with mock meat and stir-fried vegetables. You can find Com Chay in local places and fancier restaurants all around Vietnam. The best part is that it is affordable no matter where it is sold.

Durian seller in Hoi An, Vietnam

Banana flower salad

The banana flower is one of the varieties of salads available in Vietnam. The banana flower salad is served with bean sprouts, onion, spices, and peanuts. Banana flower salad is delicious and a fancy meal. The best part is that it is affordable and is served in restaurants.

Vietnam has many yummy vegan dishes, and here are some of the favorites. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets or dining in fancier restaurants, the affordability and delectable flavors make Vietnam a must-visit destination for every vegan foodie. So, when you’re planning to get your Vietnam visa to embark on a culinary adventure you should give these vegan meals a try. Even if you’re not a vegan, you’ll still like the delicious vegan offerings that Vietnam has to offer!