Active Mood Boosters For The Winter Blues

6th February 2017

Cold. Bleak. Snowy. Frost. All words that mean Jack Frost has skated his way in and brought winter with him. The cold can really affect some, with Seasonal Affective Disorder quite prevalent in society. Darker mornings and earlier evenings mean that the general post-Christmas mood is rather miserable! Finding things to do to boost the mood can be difficult as without sunlight, there’s little to be done outside the house. You can’t tend to the vegetable garden when the ground is hard with frost. Mental health in the winter is so important and feeling content is necessary for your health. Curling up in front of a warm fire with a good book and deliciously natural vegan hot chocolate is going to make you feel great mentally, but what about physically?

There are plenty of places you can take a holiday and enjoy winter sports, with skiing and snowboarding holidays at a peak during the winter season. If you like adrenaline fuelled adventures, mountain climbing and rock climbing outdoors are right up there. Sometimes though, the budget doesn’t allow for you to jet off to the mountains of Canada or the USA and your local town may be somewhat lacking in local mountaineering options. You need to find some fun and doing that means being creative indoors.

Take yourself and your friends paintballing. You can find indoor and outdoor courses across the country and the adrenaline pumping fun can really raise a smile or twelve! It’s fun, it’s thrilling and you get a lot of exercise in while you’re playing. When you run outdoors in the winter, you warm up fairly fast as the blood is pumping quickly. With all that blood pumping and laughing going on your mood will shoot through the roof!

Keeping active can also mean signing up for your local gym. A workout in the best gear from your local gymshark outlet can really improve your mood. Not only are you working on your health and fitness, you get to go shopping! Everyone loves to go shopping and making a day of it with friends; from shopping to signing up together, you’ll feel included, social and happy. It’s a full circle mood booster as you will be getting healthier, which will have an impact on your overall self-esteem and happiness.

Each of these mood boosters go hand in hand with being in the air, out of the house and enjoying an activity. Indoor sports and fun like bowling and ice skating can take your mind off the long winter nights stretching ahead. If you’re busy being out and enjoying yourself, you don’t have time to dwell on the blues you felt before. Looking after your mental health is so important to your overall wellbeing and by keeping active and fit, you can send endorphins rocketing around your body! Winter depression has to be one of the biggest and worst mood killers all year round. Choose and activity that will boost your mood to make winter happier, healthier and move faster!

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