CBD Oil for Anxiety: my Experience

I’ve been a big fan of the health benefits of CBD oil for over a year now. With a combination of meditation, yoga plus CBD oil, I’ve tamed my anxiety, regulated my sleeping pattern, and got through some pretty nerve-wracking life changes (and a surgery) these past few months. CBD is certainly making the rounds as a buzzword amongst the health crowd at the moment – CBD vape oil, CBD isolate, CBD cream, CBD tables, CBD drip, CBD balm, CBD oil vape pen, CBD gummies — you name it, it exists. Heck, my local pharmacy even has some CBD isolate chocolate bars and lip balms by the checkout. But whether those actually have some high CBD strains with any real health properties or this is just businesses surfing CBD’s explosive popularity, who knows.

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Even skittish house pets seem to benefit from CBD oil. Do you use it too?

If you don’t use the liquid gold that is CBD extract, I’m sure you have questions. What are all of these CBD products, how does one use them, and what exactly do they do? I’d say, turn to online suppliers when it comes to finding CBD for sale and do your due diligence on what the best CBD strains products are and what they could do for you. I’m pretty excited to have partnered up with the lovely folks at Canzon today to discuss something I’m totally hyped about.

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What the Hell is CBD oil? CBD vs THC

Why are CBD isolate products suddenly so popular? Is it the new superfood? Does it have any real science-backed health benefits? Is CBD oil extraction legal, even? As it’s not the cheapest food supplement out there, it’s normal to question things. I know I did my homework.

CBD is an abbreviation of “cannabidiol”. This molecule is among hundreds of cannabinoids found in hemp. In contrast to the best-known active ingredient of the plant, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC), CBD is another molecule of hemp that has no psychoactive effect. It won’t get you high, in other words, that’s the main difference in CBD vs THC.

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Since the wave of popularity of high CBD cannabis oil seems to come in part from the US and the legal status per state there is in flux, some information remains vague. Here in Europe, hemp farming and processing of crops with lower than 0.2% THC is totally legal. But things are changing fast, and studies are being conducted. In the US, the FDA recently approved its first-ever drug comprised of an active ingredient derived from CBD to treat severe forms of epilepsy. And although more studies are needed to technically show scientific evidence, there’s an increasing amount of testimonials pointing to the fact that CBD could indeed be a great help in treating insomnia, various types of anxiety such as dental anxiety, chronic illnesses, and arthritis.

My Life With Anxiety and Insomnia

I’ve been suffering from anxiety since my teenage years as a competitive figure skater and it has definitely been flaring up these past couple of years working as a freelancer and having my life in various states of shamble. Insomnia entered my life in my late 20s as a mature university student juggling a part-time job and freelance work, and I’ve been suffering from it since I’ve been in Berlin because I have been working too much and have been under a lot of stress. I’ve never been treated or medicated for either of these conditions. Anxiety medication has been making me feel, well, anxious.

I started experimenting with CBD extract about a year ago and it took some trial and error to discover that some products contain very little of the high CBD strains for anxiety I was after. CBD oil increases the presence of cannabinoids that our body naturally produces, but it takes some time for the body to adjust to it. There’s been a good six-month window or experimenting before I found my sweet spot. And keep in mind, what works for me might not work for you.

Finding the Right CBD Isolate & How to Take CBD Oil

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After trialling various brands and products, and aiming first for the cheapest options, I quickly realized that you have to invest in good quality CBD products containing the best CBD strains for optimal high CBD benefits. My current routine is to use three to five drops of the Canzon 10% CBD oil under my tongue at night before bed and two to three drops in the morning. I recently had to go under general anaesthesia and was so nervous in the days leading to the surgery that I felt physically sick. An additional midday dose really helped me cope with the stress and allowed me to relax a bit.

The lovely folks at Canzon were also very sweet and sent me some CBD balm, which I had not used before and have been finding very helpful at releasing my tense jaw (I’m a night-time jaw-clencher…) and randomly, easing the pain on a very sore vaccine bump on my arm. It’s also all-natural and made with great moisturizing ingredients, and I’ve also been using it to moisturize my face and dry patches on my body.

The last thing I’m left to experiment with is their CBD oil vape juice, which I am told is the fastest way for CBD to take effect. I’m not extremely familiar with CBD vaping and I’m right now shopping for the best CBD vape pen, so I’ll report on that later. Do you vape CBD oil? Let me know how you do it!

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