Most Beautiful Portugal Mountains to See: from Pico Island to Serra da Estrela

From the most vibrant cities to lovely villages, Portugal has always been one of the top choices for a holiday. However, as many attractions as it has, nothing compares to the scenic landscapes of greenery and extensive, impressive mountains. Therefore, we urge you to visit as many mountain sites as possible and present you with a list of the most beautiful ones to see!

Ponta do Pico

Starting with the highest mountain in Portugal, the Azores, and the highest elevation of the Mid-Atlantic Range, we recommend seeing this marvelous giant while spending time in Portugal. Ponta do Pico is an eponymous volcano located at Pico Island, which you can explore while making your way to the mountain. If you are up for the challenge and consider yourself energetic, you should definitely try climbing or hiking up the volcano, though we must warn you – as exciting as it is, it is not the easiest climb!
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Pico do Arieiro

Another gem complimenting impressive Portugal’s horizon, Pico do Arieiro, is located in Madeira’s Island and serves as a great, active outdoor activity for travelers who come here to soak up the sun and feast on good wine. At 1.818 m, the mountain is the third largest peak on the island, and since there are many comfortable routes for tourists, you can get to the top and take in the beauty of the rest of the island. There are lovely spots prepared for travelers when they reach the highest point, such as a cafe and a souvenir shop. If you wish for a breath of fresh air, enjoy the clear and refreshing atmosphere!

Mountain Foia

The highest point of the Algarve, Portugal, mountain Foia, is a part of the Serra de Monchique Range and attracts travelers with its stunning panoramic views and great hiking treks, and you should enjoy it as well!

The mountain is said to be quite easily climbable, as it is not as steep or high as the other peaks in Portugal, so you will most likely have a pleasant stroll through the greenery and, of course, the lovely villages at the bottom of Foia.

Mone Brasil

Set on the volcanic island of Terceira, Azores, Monte Brasil offers you hikes, climbs, private and group tours, so you will have plenty of options to explore this highlight in the way you prefer! Once you reach the top, enjoy the majestic views of Angra do Heroismo city, and take a lung full of fresh and clear Portuguese air! And, if you choose a guided visit, you will learn much more about these grounds.

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Pico Ruivo

One more for Madeira! However, this time we are talking about the highest peak – Pico Ruivo. With picturesque routes and impressive greenery all around, Pico Ruivo has been a popular tourist site for quite a while now. There are several different trails you can choose from, depending on the difficulty of hiking and the level of your experience. You can reach the top by taking a track from Achada to Teixeira, which is an easier choice. However, if you feel more adventurous and like a challenge, you can hike straight from Pico do Arieiro, which we have mentioned before! Why not visit both?

Serra da Estrela

Let’s finish off strongly with Serra da Estrela – the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal. Making a trip here is an experience you should plan ahead of time. In that way, you can explore and enjoy everything surrounding it – for example, the five districts situated around Serra da Estrela, which are Seia, Manteigas, Gouveia, Guarda, and Covilha.

After touring these lovely cities, you can hike or climb and reach the peak of the mountain range – Torre. Apart from stunning panoramic sights, you will most likely get a glimpse at the colorful wildlife here, so take your time to look around!

The area of Serra da Estrela is filled with comfortable accommodations for travelers, roads, treks, and tours. So get the best of it!

When you have picked out the most attractive peak off our list, all there will be left to do is get a ticket to Portugal, pack your hiking shoes, sunglasses, and a bottle of water. Your spectacular adventure is about to begin!