South America’s Best-Kept Secrets: Luxurious Getaways

There are a variety of destinations in Central America and South America, from misty rainforests to mountainous national parks to culture-filled cities. With so many excellent vacation spots available today, choosing just one can be challenging. It’s time to consider adding a few new items to check off your bucket list because the tourism world is only now discovering these spectacular sights that have remained hidden for years.


Santiago | Chile

Santiago is one of South America’s largest cities, with a population of over seven million. Sadly, it has been overshadowed by the better-known destinations nearby, but not anymore. Chile is named one of the best destinations to visit by National Geographic and Lonely Planet, with Santiago being one of the most beautiful and luxurious destinations of the lot. There are various ways to travel here, with many private jet charter flights available at great prices — taking you straight into the city in the most convenient way possible.

Santiago is ready for its time in the sun, and as of late, it has started rivaling Buenos Aires as a location for more experienced travelers looking for culture, scenes, and fantastic cuisine. As a result of its spectacular Andes backdrop, Santiago makes an excellent sightseeing destination. The city’s recently reopened cable car makes it easy to reach its most scenic point — Cerro San Cristobal — home to the famed Virgin Mary statue, which measures 14m in height and is regarded as Santiago’s answer to Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Christ the Redeemer.

Kuelap | Peru

Known as the Machu Picchu of the North, the ancient walled city of Kuelap is nearly three times older than the most famous historic city in Peru, Machu Picchu. Although steeped in more history, Kuelap has shied away from the typical tourist traps until recently. This city was one of South America’s best-kept secrets, dating back to 6AD, encompassing the ruins of over 400 buildings on the entire site, around 3000m above sea level. Due to the new cable car developed over recent years, this mountainous site is now very easy to access, causing this spike in tourism. If you want to view this site while it is still relatively unpopulated, now is the time to go.


Cano Cristales | Columbia

Columbia is home to one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the natural world. Cano Cristale is also commonly called the five-colored river due to the unique array of plants that transform this river into an ever-changing bank of color between June and December. For many years this spot was off-limits due to the conflict in Columbia. As the country has put its troubles behind them in recent years, the river has opened again to tourists, gaining serious international popularity. Of all the international tourists that travel to the country, over 20% visit Cano Cristales. The great thing about Cano Cristales is the remoteness of the location, meaning that it will never likely be truly overrun by tourists like you see in the larger towns and cities.

Trancoso | Brazil

Brazil’s beaches have been top attractions for many years, showcasing luxury and beauty along the entire coastline. In more recent years, the more savvy travelers are taking themselves away from the crowds surrounding Rio and heading Northeast. The Bahia region of Brazil is one of the most beautiful in the country — named one of the top places to visit by many tourist boards over the years. It has been called Brazil’s best-undiscovered beach town due to its hippie vibe, and it is perhaps the hottest spot in Bahia. Last year, the New York Times featured Uxua’s latest swish new villa, owned by fashion designer Wilbert Das, as one of the town’s most stylish hotels.


Kaietuer Falls | Guyana

If you’re looking for the best in South American waterfalls, the most popular is the Iguazu. However, if you’re looking for a place that is a little more remote without the hordes of tourists, then Kaietuer Falls is a strong contender. As waterfalls go, this one is no small example, being considered the world’s largest single-drop waterfall by volume. It is remarkable that Kaituer Falls is such a well-kept secret, given that it is four times the height of the most famous waterfall, Niagara Falls. This will undoubtedly change in the coming years, as Guyana has gained popularity, gaining a spot on many emerging must-visit destination lists in recent years. Kaietuer Falls can be located deep in the rainforest, accessible by a five-day hiking and boat excursion. Alternatively, you can get to the falls by flight in a day.


South America has so much wonder and beauty, making it no surprise that it is one of the most popular destinations in the entire world. Stay away from the typical tourist traps and still take advantage of everything this area offers by traveling to these must-visit destinations while they still hold their ‘best-kept secrets of the continent’ title.