My Favourite Vegan Winter Boots 2021 Edition

28th December 2020

It’s cold. You are environmentally aware and vegan and want to make ethical purchasing choices. You need vegan Winter boots and don’t know where to start. Urgh, I get it.

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Buying vegan boots can be a headache for the overly aware, I know this all too well. But whoever said you need to feather birds and kill cows in order to stay warm was obviously a dirty liar. If you must purchase a pair of brand new vegan boots this winter, know that there are so many brands out there with environmental and social awareness at their core value. They make durable and fashionable vegan Winter boots using no animal products in socially responsible factories and are often small family-owned businesses that are really worth supporting. So since the weather is pretty much turning to crap, today I wanted to present you with some great options for some of the best vegan Winter boots and vegan Winter shoes so you stay warm and dry.

Please keep in mind, building a cruelty-free wardrobe starts with buying second-hand, always.

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The best vegan Winter boots 2021

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

Mireia Playa

vegan leather boots

First on this list is the wonderful Spanish-born Mireia Playa. The brand offers edgy, feminine, trendy and cruelty-free products that are all PETA-approved. The Gloria Black vegan ankle boots are designed in Barcelona and produced in Alicante using 40% corn and recycled materials. Worth noting that the packaging uses no plastic at all. Their collection comprises of shoes, flats, heels, and platform shoes, all very unique, and obviously all vegan. Use my discount code MOSTLYAMELIE5.

Will’s Shoes

best vegan winter boots

Established in 2012, Will’s Vegan Store has been a certified carbon neutral company and all their products are registered with the Vegan Society. The materials are created with sourced bio-oil from organic cereal crops in Northern Europe. If you’re on the lookout for a booty made with plant-based leather, Will’s Vegan Store is a seriously good option. Their vegan leather boots are made to last with comfortable and lightweight materials. Working, standing, or hiking, Will’s vegan store has really great options (as well as backpacks and accessories…)

Dr. Martens

One of my favorite iconic footwear brands of all time has elevated its classic by offering them in vegan versions too! Dr. Martens has been around for over 60 years, making it a classic for many and staple footwear for anyone looking for comfortable, long-lasting, stylish, and now cruelty-free vegan Winter boots. On the list are those vegan Chelsea Boots, made with soft and supple synthetic materials, unisex, non-slip, easy-on, easy-off elasticized ankle, and super resistant. The Chelsea meets everything you want in vegan booties.

Vegetarian Shoes

First, vegan snow boots have to be functional. Second, they have to be comfortable. Third, they have to be stylish. And last but definitely not least is they have to be slip-proof. Good thing Vegetarian Shoes produce exactly that in the best vegan winter boots. Established in 1990, Vegetarian Shoes, only made one boot style but later on, as they grow into a brand they started to give its consumers a wide variety of styles they could choose from. Making one on the list is the Airseal Boulder Stack Boot. Made in the UK with breathable and water-resistant uppers perfect for when you hit the snow-filled road.

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin was established in 2001, and since then has been offering beautiful footwear, including of course vegan boots. Their aim is to give a luxury vegan footwear choice to the market. But luxury is just second to their goal of providing sustainable, authentic, and individual style. Beyond Skin products are designed in England and ethically handcrafted in Spain using the finest Italian fabrics. Their styles are timeless, so these boots will last you a hell of a long time. Looking for vegan boots to amp up your style this Winter season? Check out the Laurie B Black Knee High Vegan Leather Boots. They are versatile and work well with leggings, jeans, dresses, skirts, or dress pants. Literally, everything!


For those living in tough condition and in need of warmth and anti-slip power, Native has some really for vegan winter boot options that make me allllmooooost but not quite miss the Canadian winter. The company has some great initiatives, including their Remix Project, intending to have each and every pair of Native Shoes 100% life cycle managed by 2023. Beyond this, they offer a colorful collection of shoes and boots, some of them made to tackle the coldest of winters.


A Portuguese footwear brand, Nae (standing for No Animal Exploitation) Vegan Shoes, helps make the world a better place by promoting environmental sustainability as a core value. Nae makes sure that they only use natural materials like pineapple, cork, and recyclable plastic bottles. Aside from making sure they only use sustainable materials, NAE only works with certified factories in Portugal that respect the environment and most importantly their employees. On this list are the Etna Black vegan booties. Unisex vegan footwear created with a water-resistant microfiber. So, whether you are up to go hiking in the misty mountains or just a quick stroll in the city. Etna Black always has your back.

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