My Stay at Riad Kheirredine Marrakech

Out of the many things that can make or break a holiday, your choice of accommodation is in my view one of the biggest factors. And if you find yourself in the boisterous and fun city that is Marrakech, trust me when I say you’ll want yourself a little oasis to call home at the end of a busy day out. While on my recent trip to Marrakech, I fell in love with an intimate boutique hotel called Riad Kheirredine and wanted to spill the beans with you today.

Riad Kheirredine

For having won several awards since 2010 from “Best travelers choice”, to “World’s best city explorer”, to “Africa’s most inspired design hotel” and more, Riad Kheirredine is still totally down to earth, unassuming, intimate, and affordable. It’s somewhat of a hidden gem, tucked within the medina district (right where you’ll want to be on your trip to Marrakech!).

From a nondescript corner deep within a tangled web of narrow alleys, Riad Kheirredine’s door hides at the intersection of two pink streets. As you step in, light pours into the lush reception where banana trees stretch high into the courtyard. You can’t really see it from the outside even if it’s right in the centre of Marrakech, but that shall be the least of your worry because the staff at Riad Kheirredine is there to pick you up at any time should you get lost (and you will). They’ll hand you a mobile phone upon check-in for the duration of your stay and invite you to snap a photo of where you are located if you would like to be collected. My friend and I really wanted to test their knowledge and snap random shots to see if they would know where we were, but we got too busy having fun.

Riad Kheirredine

Before we went off roaming the small alleyways by ourselves, we took our first walk around the medina of Marrakech and the souks with one of the riad’s bell boys. Walking around with him felt like a stroll with a good friend who knew the entire town. By being greeted every few minutes, we quickly felt comfortable in the city which was completely new to us. And it felt like anywhere we wanted to go was alway arond a 10-minute walk away.

Riad Kheirredine at a glance

Riad Kheirredine is a beautiful maze consisting of three houses that were eventually combined into an 18-room boutique hotel and it’s fun to try to find your way around — but the staff is always there to help. Speaking of, the staff is by far the best aspect of Riad Kheirredine. They are friendly, helpful, and always going the extra mile to accommodate you. Unlike other such high-level accommodation where the staff can be a bit stuffy and formal, the whole Riad Kheirredine team is relaxed and witty (their uniform is beautiful also!) without ever missing their main goal of delivering the best-customized service — and they really do.

inside the riad

fresh fruit

The whole riad is luscious with plants and two plunge pools, one on the main floor, and one on the rooftop. The reception area is especially stunning with gigantic banana trees sprouting out of the main floor and reaching into the bright blue sky. The rooftop is AMAZING, with so many beautiful corners, sunloungers, and a lot of intimacy. It’s a fantastic spot for lovers.

The decoration of the rooms has been inspired by Moroccan influences with contemporary Italian design touches. Fresh fruits are sprinkled everywhere and free for you to grab at all times, along with tea, coffee, and the ubiquitous Moroccan tea, a sweet fresh mint infusion that you’ll drink plenty of I’m sure as I did.

All rooms have their own unique charm and decoration style, ours was kinda out of this world — spread over three floors, with two lounges, two bathrooms, and a balcony. Some rooms come with a fireplace, a tub, and more private bathroom extravaganza. They are all exulting classy exotic charm and coziness and come with daily fruit baskets and cookies, bathrobes, slippers, and orange-blossom and rosemary-scented toiletries that are a major leap away from your standard hotel commodities. If you love attention to small details as I do, you will not be disappointed here.

Flexibility and Great Food


The staff at Riad Kheirredine is flexible and accomodating and this really shines through in the ways you can enjoy food and drink at the hotel. Fancy your breakfast absolutely anywhere in the hotel? Of course. Are you vegan too? This is absolutely no problem. Want specific milk in your coffee? If it exists in Marrakech, you shall have it. Dinner by the pool? It’s a given. And so, we ended up having breakfast served in bed one morning, one time on the rooftop loungers while admiring the city view, and another time by the ground floor’s plunge pool. The breakfast itself is a wonderful spread that is leaps and bounds away from your standard continental breakfast. We also had a lovely dinner by the fireplace one evening that was so cozy and perfect on a cool November evening.

The restaurant, which is only open to the hotel’s guests, offers a fusion blend fine dining mixing Morrocan and Mediterranean influences. There’s a seating area on the terrace where you can dine alfresco while looking at the stars, another one next to the indoor pool and lush greenery, and a cozier one for cooler months with a fireplace. There’s another fireplace located by the entrance of the restaurant close to the lobby where we loved having a glass of wine in the evening. And where the whole team surprised me with a birthday cake and singing one evening, which was so special and unexpected. I am not one to tear up easily but believe me when these lovely folks in a country I had never been to before sang Happy Birthday to me with a beautiful cake, I did shed some tears of joy. When I say the team goes the extra mile and will become your friends, I am not joking.

plunge pool at night

Riad Kheirredine also has a bar which is not to be taken for granted in this area of the world and you can order any cocktail your heart desires and also enjoy a few selected local wines that were surprisingly great.

Luxury Spa

What would be a Moroccan riad without a hammam? Riad Kheirredine more than delivers on that front too with their luxury spa. A ritual that stretches back centuries, the Moroccan hammam and massage are a key part of Moroccan culture. Using natural ingredients such as black soap, rose-based clay masks, argan oil, orange blossom, and salts, the experienced massage therapist will leave your skin feeling refreshed and your body relaxed. You can also book a wellness retreat at Riad Kheirredine that includes daily massage and yoga. The dream.

top floor plunge pool

reception area

Riad Kheirredine made our stay in Marrakech so very special. Marrakech alone is a fantastic city to discover but it would have never been the same without our green oasis, wonderful room, and first-hand tips and recommendations on what to discover next, how to find our dream carpet, and where to have the tastiest afternoon snacks.

Huge thanks to everyone at Riad Kheirredine for treating us like queens. All opinions are my own.

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