Taking An All Inclusive Wellness Holiday – What Are Your Options?

Traveling is a great way to break out of monotonous routines, destress and relax, and uplift your mood. There’s no better way to take advantage of that than by going on an all inclusive wellness holiday, which guarantees that every aspect of your trip is handled and accounted for. These package holidays are a significant driver of the travel and tourism market, worth US$281.40 billion (€259 billion) in 2023. They are great for when you’re vacationing for a longer time or staying at a destination far away from home. If you want to focus on rejuvenating yourself and relaxing, an all inclusive wellness holiday may be the kind of package you need.

What are all inclusive holidays?

All inclusive holidays are exactly what the name implies; everything from your flights, hotel, luggage, transfers, meals, drinks, snacks, and more are arranged through a single package. Going on such a trip may seem pricey, but taking a cheap all inclusive holiday is still possible. You can find offers for great deals with unbeatable prices, low deposits, and the ability to spread the cost into installments. Choosing the right accommodations that offer your preferred activities—such as wellness-related ones—can help you find the most value for your money.

Here are some options for an all inclusive wellness holiday:

Yoga retreats

couple yoga

Yoga has long been practiced to help relieve stress and tension from the body and mind. It lets you stay in tune with the present moment, allowing you to forget your worries while boosting your health. If you practice yoga or are looking for a way to relax while staying active, an all inclusive holiday that offers yoga classes and programs is a great option. Many resorts are focused on fitness and wellness, so there is no shortage of options for those interested in yoga and other activities.

BodyHoliday in St Lucia is an excellent example of a luxurious, all inclusive wellness experience with amazing yoga offerings. You can get into position with the setting sun in the background or stretch your body in the morning light. This package’s beautiful environment, impeccable accommodations, various amenities, and realistic approach to wellness ensure you’re most relaxed and comfortable during your stay.

Spa trips


If you want to give your body a break and unwind, you can take an all inclusive trip to a spa resort to amp up your relaxation. Being able to choose from a wide array of treatments and programs can help you target your needs so you can come back from your holiday as a rested and rejuvenated person. You also benefit from enjoying your spa experience by being surrounded by stunning scenery that genuinely makes you feel at peace.

A famous example for spa lovers is Kamalaya in Koh Samui, Thailand. It’s been dubbed one of the best spa resorts by Conde Nast Traveler, and for good reason. Visitors can enjoy a relaxing and stimulating experience in this sanctuary and holistic spa. You can choose your wellness goals, from stress relief and better sleep to weight management and gut health, and many more, to find the program that suits you best. Aside from the spa offerings, sacred energy flowing through the island can enhance your time there, allowing you to enrich yourself spiritually.

Healthy food journeys

healthy food

Aside from the wellness activities you can do in an all inclusive holiday, what you consume during your trip also matters to your well-being. Nutrition is a big part of wellness, but you might be worried if specific destinations offer food options suited to your dietary needs and preferences. Fortunately, many resorts and hotels provide options for vegans, vegetarians, or those looking to watch their health.

A recent trip to Riad Kheirredine Marrakech showcased how accommodations can offer versatile food options to help you keep up your well-being. Vegan options were available at the hotel, and they would willingly accommodate any substitutes or alternatives needed to suit your dietary restrictions. You get a nutritious array of choices and can enjoy your meal anywhere, whether it’s from your bed, the pool, or the rooftop. Your all inclusive wellness holiday will ensure each aspect of the trip caters to your well-being, so you don’t need to worry about your meals when on vacation.