Vegan Presents For Any Occasion

Looking for vegan presents for those with a vegan lifestyle and don’t know where to start? Fret not! I’ve made this handy vegan gift guide for you!

Vegan Gift Guide

The holiday season is right upon us yet again and it’s time for taking it easy, taking care of ourselves, and eating way too much food. While I’m not exactly fond of Christmas and the mass-consumerism it entails, I know some people love to treat their loved ones with gifts (and hopefully VEGAN gifts or spirituality gifts) – especially so this year as it may not be possible to actually meet with them. Sometimes, it’s also a great opportunity to treat a good friend or family member (or yourself) with something you/they were missing in their brand new home, for example, wink wink, not talking about myself at all here. Today I wanted to compile some great vegan gift ideas for you that contain absolutely no animal products.

So without further ado, here are the best vegan gift ideas for vegan presents this holiday season.

The best gifts for vegans

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links that give me a small cut if you make a purchase. This comes at no cost to you.


cold press juicer

The perfect gift for a health nut such as myself, a slow juicer is 100% sure to please. Slow juicing means the fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed and retain all of their vitamins and nutrients and can be preserved for longer. Some can also make smoothies, nut milk, and frozen desserts and come with a bunch of recipes. You really cannot go wrong with this stainless steel baby!

A sleep tracker

best sleep tracker

I personally fell in love with the Oura Ring and think any wearable sleep tracker would make such a great gift for anyone that’s health-minded and loves beautiful accessories. This gorgeous smart ring is made of titanium and carbon coating and is hypoallergenic and waterproof and connects via an app to help track and understand better the wearer’s sleep pattern. But it is pricey, so I’m linking a cheaper option above for the ones who can’t be dishing out this kind of thoughtful gifts money. A great gadget for sure!

Awesome Coffee Protein Powder

Do you also need a caffeine dose every morning? Yeah! Most of us do. But is there a better healthy alternative that is also vegan? You can try this Coffee-flavoured Protein Powder with the benefits of protein and the taste of your favorite beverage. It is made from plant-based natural ingredients only and does not include artificial preservatives. This will definitely make a great gift for any vegan because they will start their day with your present.

The best fair fashion backpack

The Best Outdoor Backpack

I’ve tooted the Wayk’s horn recently and with reason. It’s a beautiful modular backpack made of recycled material and designed right here in Berlin. The bottom part is a protective camera bag that can be detailed and made into a day bag. It has a yoga mat strap, it’s waterproof and it looks great. A good gift for the traveling vegans or a gift for the yogi, but since I think it’s only available in Europe, I’m linking a similar option for my American readers.

CBD products

high cbd strains

For those wanting to be zen and having trouble sleeping, CBD products make great vegan christmas gifts as they can be a little difficult to justify as an expense for the ones in need of it. I’ve written a full post about how CBD has helped me cope with stress, anxiety, and insomnia and I think it’s an extremely useful present.

Yummy Vegan Treats

vegan treats

Good news! You can’t go wrong with some sweet edible vegan gifts! I love all-natural, yummy and healthy treats like energy bars, chock full of fruits and nuts and sweet treats. These are all free of synthetic colouring, artificial preservatives, artificial seasoning and GMO. The perfect treat for anyone vegan or non-vegan alike! The best way into my heart 😉

A vegan cookbook

My friend Kirsten is a vegan chef who cooks amazing vegan treats and shares many of her vegan cooking for free on her social media. She also has several vegan diet cookbooks and her latest ones will make your vegan friend travel from the comfort of their home. A great vegan gift idea for COVID-time.

Yoga apparel and accessories

For the active vegans out there, you really cannot go wrong with a pair of yoga pants, and to me, Lululemon is at the top of the top when it comes to quality and fit. Yes, they are a bit pricier, but that’s why they make such an amazing gift. I rarely can bring myself to dish out the cost of a pair of leggings, but DO gift me one 😀 Many of them are also made of recycled plastic bottles.

Pretty much anything from iHerb

iHerb is a gold mine for the best vegan gifts and vegan products that are difficult to find elsewhere. I especially like their bath products, essential oils, cruelty-free beauty products, and the vegan snack selection that include vegan cheese and vegan chocolate (I love me some dark chocolate!), but they also have ready-made gift set and a great selection of make-up brushes. Alternatively you can also shop my favourites and get $11 off your first order of $40 or more.

A lovely Vegan Bag

lee coren vegan bag

For the vegan fashionistas out there, Etsy has so many beautiful plant-based leather bags, wallets, passport holders and scarves that are of extreme quality. All faux leather materials are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and PETA-approved and make for a great present. I’ve had mine for over a year and the vegan leather is extremely durable too.

Ethical Fashion Basics

Ethical Clothing Brands

I’ve been a big fan of Organic Basics since they first reached out to me and I think they make amazing presents as they are beautifully (and sustainably!) packaged and their basic cuts pretty much will please anyone, both men and women. They have plain t-shirts, some underwear, some yoga pants and also really great bamboo toothbrushes. The whole modal collection is heavenly. The perfect vegan gift and a great addition for those who like to be cozy.

A probiotic subscription in plastic-free packaging

Everyone knows the benefits of good bacteria, but not everyone knows that probiotics aren’t all made equal. The Seed Daily Synbiotic has a proprietary system that increases absorbability and the whole packaging is either compostable or reusable. Giving the gift of a healthy gut to your loved ones is definitely a good idea!

A little pampering kit by Mio Skincare

mio vegan gift guide

A cruelty-free brand with snazzy packaging and invigorating scents, Mio has an amazing range of pre-selected gifts for the ones who love to pamper. The whole Mio range is vegan and contains no parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colorants, sodium Laureth or lauryl sulfate, xenoestrogens, phthalates, or PEGs. They also redistribute some of their profit to a charity and offer free worldwide shipping. Some all-around feel-good things that all make for the perfect present!

A 4G HotSpot

skyroam hotspot

I get asked a lot how I manage to stay connected to the Internet everywhere I travel to, and this little device is the answer to any worry you may have and one of the best vegan travel presents. The Skyroam Solis dual LTE Hotspot is the ultimate travel companion for digital nomads and internet junkies such as myself, allowing the user to access super fast and unlimited 4G internet on up to five devices, for 24 hours at a time, and in over 100 countries. It also doubles up as a 6000 mAh power bank, which is really just the icing on the cake. Staying charged and connected has never been so easy!

Ylumi Immunity & Glow Set


Another lovely vegan gift idea for the health nuts, The Ylumi products are wonderful supplements made of traditional Chinese herbs, selected vital mushrooms, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The Immunity and Glow Set comprises of “Purity” and “Beauty”, a cocktail of wonderful herbs and supplements that will make sure anyone gets through the Winter looking and feeling fantastic. All of those are 100% vegan and come in beautiful glass packaging, making it a super elegant present and yet another great stocking stuffer. These are also made in Germany, which I obviously love!

vegan candles!

forrest hill

Beautifully-packaged vegan candles are always such a nice present, especially for the cold winter months ahead. With evocative and heart-warming perfumes like white flint + roasted vanilla or butter sprinkle + dough , the AMcandlesDE really caught my attention this Holiday season and are the perfect decor and ambience enhancers for anyone. Alternatively if you’re on a budget stretch, you might be surprised to learn that most Yankee Candles are actually vegan! Bring out the cozy blankets and tea! And the glass jars make for cute storage afterward.

Organic Cotton Undies


When all else fails and you have no idea what to get for a vegan gift, comfy and cozy organic underwear is the way to go for anyone! I recently discovered YOUunderwear on Etsy and I am loving all of their organic cotton undies. The prices and materials are fair, organic and sustainable, and made in Europe, and the undies are super comfortable and sure to make anyone happy. I more or less live in their hipster briefs.

What’s on your vegan gift list this year?

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