My Guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Think there aren’t any vegan restaurants in Barcelona? Think again!

I kinda knew I would fall in love with Barcelona. Beyond being a wonderful city filled with amazing sights and people, Barcelona is of course known for its incredible cuisine, with surprisingly plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians alike. Whether you’re looking for gourmet vegan food, vegan junk food, vegan tapas, or anything in between, Barcelona definitely has it all. Below are my vegan Barcelona highlights.

Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona

Quinoa Vegan Street Food

vegan restaurant barcelona

Don’t be fooled by the healthy-vegan-sounding name or small interiors, Quinoa Vegan Street Food packs a punch and is a must-visit for vegan foodies in Barcelona. Located in the wonderful Gracia neighborhood, this vegan restaurant Barcelona staple focuses on plant-based comfort food. You’ll find a variety of dishes on the menu, including bowls, wraps, veggie burgers, and tacos. The standout dish for me was their beyond-meat-loaded nachos. Honorable mention for the kimchi tacos. Amazing.

Bubita Sangria Bar

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What would be a vegan Barcelona guide without a fully vegan tapas and paella place?! Bubita Sangria Bar delivers on that front and then some — they have a full-fledged vegan menu of amazing sangria to pick from along with their paella. I shared the marisko (plant-based seafood) paella and frida sangria (cava, lime & tequila, with a spicy touch), along with some patatas bravas (I got into the habit of ordering them everywhere if they were vegan — I mean, spicy, saucy, potatoes, enough said) with a friend and all of it was excellent. The place is cute and the staff super friendly. El Born is a fantastic neighborhood to discover as well. Being vegan in Barcelona is so far great!

Honest Greens

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I feel like I can’t avoid talking about Honest Greens however cliché it may be. Everyone knows about it and it’s likely the #1 recommendation when discussing vegan restaurants in Barcelona. And with good reasons! Honest Greens is a health-food restaurant that specializes in salads and bowls (not only vegan dishes though, so beware). The menu is filled with a variety of salads, grain bowls, soups, juices, and healthy raw food desserts. The standout dish for me was the Latin Lover bowl (brown rice, warm beans, kale, coriander, red cabbage, corn, onion, avocado, crispy corn tortilla, cucumber, homemade pickled jalapeños, and pico de gallo — I have to try to recreate it at home because it’s incredible). I must have had it about 10 times in my month in Barcelona. For some reason, everyone that works at any Honest Greens is hot AF also. I dunno. It’s got a lot going for it 😛


vegetarian restaurant barcelona

I hadn’t done my homework and didn’t realize that Argentinians ruled the place (including Tinder…) until I got to Barcelona. I was not mad about this discovery. Rekons was my favorite place for affordable and delicious empanadas. Located in lively Sant Antoni, Rekons is the perfect place to end a boozy evening and enjoy some steaming hot empanadas on the sidewalk like the locals. The menu offers quite a few vegan options such as spinach, courgette with almond, vegan cheese, caramelized onions with vegan cheese, and ever-changing daily options. All for under €3 a pop and many of them are vegetarian too. Be sure to order the patatas bravas and fried artichokes — they are incredible. Doused with a few more beers and Bob’s your uncle. A great value spot.

Cafe Equilibrium

vegan food barcelona

Cafe Equilibrium is a trendy fully vegan cafe that serves up delicious, healthy food in the heart of Eixample. The menu is filled with a variety of dishes, from vegan breakfast items to hearty salads and soups. They also offer smoothies and fresh juices to help you get your daily dose of vitamins. If you’re looking for a place to grab a quick, healthy bite, Cafe Equilibrium is a great option. I had the savory buckwheat pancakes a few times and they were really yummy!

Areca Bakery

vegan donuts barcelona

Back to my beloved Gracia. Areca Bakery is a vegan bakery that specializes in delicious, plant-based donuts. The bakery is known for its high-quality ingredients, including gluten-free and organic options. If you’re looking for a healthier sweet treat that won’t disappoint your taste buds, Areca Bakery is the place to go. Donut flavors include white chocolate and matcha, maple pecan, chai and lotus cookie, and my favorite of all — glazed pistachio cream.

Chez Kessler

chez kessler barcelona

Another thing I didn’t know until arriving in Barcelona is how ubiquitous vermouth it. What I thought to be a mere cocktail ingredient is here celebrated standalone, front and center, on the rocks, and often even made onsite. Chez Kessler is one of those places where you can enjoy a delicious homemade vermouth along with incredible fully-vegan charcuterie boards. It’s a little bit pricey but super worth it for the quality of everything. The homemade cashew cheese selection was amazing, especially the blue cheese.

La Pepita

vegetarian tapas barcelona

La Pepita is also a pretty well-known place on the Barcelona tourist map, but I wanted to mention it because I thought they somehow won the Barcelona vegan tapas game even though they are not a vegan restaurant at all. I visited alone on my birthday and had the guacamole and cold asparagus tapas along with a glass of sangria and, although a little pricey, it was really delicious. Add this to your list also if you’re specifically looking for Catalan specialties. Great music, cute waiters, what more do you need? 😉 An excellent place.

La PerraVerde

vegan food in barcelona

I stumbled on La PerraVerde completely by accident on my way to get donuts and was compelled to make space for a quick meal as it sounded really good – a fully vegan place serving a daily menu of vegan croquettas in cute little tins, tapas, cheese platters, etc. All vegan. So I did what I had to do — I had a full meal, for science, ya know. It was really good! I really recommend the croquettas and the cheese plate – they’re all amazing, and beautifully located in Gracia. Just all around good food.



Demasié is a local bakery that makes gigantic cookies and cinnamon rolls, the former with a few vegan options and the latter all vegan. The cookies are about the size of your head and should pretty much make a meal in an out of themselves. At the time of my visit, the vegan options were lotus cookies and chocolate. A cookie cookie, good shit. It’s worth stopping by for an afternoon munch — the neighborhood is lovely too.

Almalibre Acai Bar


Acai bowls are a popular trend in the world of vegan food, and Almalibre Acai Bar is one of the best places in Barcelona to try them. The menu is filled with a variety of acai bowls, smoothies, and juices, all made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Unfortunately I was on a contradictory mood that day and went for a burger instead of an acai bowl — which was OK but not mind blowing. I’m told that the acai bowls are really bomb though!

The Cream

vegan churros

Again, I stumbled on The Cream Bcn completely by accident and was drawn in, because: all-vegan cake and ice cream shop. I walked out with some churros (kinda hard to find in vegan version, turns out) and they were pretty damn good. Had some with the caramel and some with the chocolate sauce. They also have a full fledged menu of ice cream concoctions and many different cakes and cookies. The space is very small, I think there are only 2 seats, so it’s best to take it to go. I took my churros to the beach and was a very happy duck anyway.

Petit Suc

petit suc bcn

Petit Suc cold-pressed juices was a short walk to my place and the gym so I ended up getting fresh fruits juice there all the time. The interior is lovely and they have a selection of vegan cookies to pick from, making it a great healthy vegan and vegetarian food breakfast-on-the-go spot. They also have protein shakes, coffee, matcha, and chai latte. Perfect for a quick bite after the gym.


vegan cake barcelona

When I first walked into CHÖK I initially thought everything was vegan and nearly had a heart attack. Alas, only a small portion of the amazing pastries on offer is vegan, but it is definitely still worth the detour. Front and center are the kronuts, a croissant-donut frankenpastry I’m still dreaming about to this date. If you’re a fan of homemade desserts, this is the place for you. Conveniently scattered across town.

Gabby’s Brunch

brunch poblenou

I only explored a bit of Poblenou on my last day in Barcelona and had mild regrets. It’s a wonderful neighborhood right by the beach with a few less tourists and amazing restaurants and thrift stores. I had amazing vegan pancakes at Gabby’s Brunch and would recommend making a pit stop if you’re around. There are definitely a few other vegan main course options on the menu. It’s a lovely warm place with a quiet green spot at the back.

So my friends, this is all I could manage to eat in my month in the wonderful city of Barcelona. These are just a few of the many vegan and vegetarian options available in Barcelona. Whether you’re looking for a healthy brunch or a tasty junk food fix, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Here are a few more recommendations that are high on my list for next time I visit:

  • Roots & Rolls (vegan sushi)
  • Vegan Cat Bar (apparently great for craft beers!)
  • Kabongo (African food with many vegan options)
  • La Golosa Vegan Vurger (well, for vegan burgers)
  • Rasoterra (best place for vegan fine dining in the Gothic Quarter)
  • Café Pediente Brunch & Drinks (for brunch)
  • Flax & Kale (for a healthy vegan fix)
  • Bonsai Coffee & Matcha (apparently good matcha is a rare occurrence in Barcelona!)
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar Barcelona (for vegan junk food, duh)
  • Gallo Santo (fully vegan Mexican restaurant)
  • El Rabipelao Veggie (great place for arepas and cocktails)
  • Teresa Carles (healthy vegetarian and vegan food)

As always, please let me know if I’m missing anything on this vegan restaurants in Barcelona guide (including the best vegetarian restaurants)! Aiming to make this the ultimate guide to end all guides 😛