Planning a Detox Retreat? Here are my Recommendations

4th June 2020

detox retreat

Cooped up at home the past few months due to social distancing – and feeling just a tad cabin fever-y – has resulted in me becoming an expert at virtual travel and travel journalling. With Google as my partner in crime, I have been planning city breaks, figuring out the best spots for a detox retreat and to go off the grid, and even trawling through my own archives to re-live some of my favourite hotels and beaches. But in all seriousness, lockdown has been taking a real toll on my physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing, so when I do actually get to go on my next trip it will be a detox retreat, for complete rest and reset of my body’s systems.

There is light at the end of the lockdown tunnel! Berlin is slowly opening up, and although international travel might still be a way off, I wanted to share my top recommendations for detox retreats from different spots around the globe. Or, if you are lucky enough to live in one of the places I mention then perhaps it’s time to start planning a summer detox retreat staycation, either for yourself or as a couple retreat…?

Where to go on a detox retreat

Detox Retreats Europe

4 Day Yoga and Detox Retreat in the Barcelona Mountains, Spain

detox retreat in spain

This yoga and detox retreat is small but mighty, with over five hours of yoga, meditation and pranayama practices and workshops every day. The retreat centre is a rustic villa that has been renovated to not only protect its original character and enhance sustainability, but make sure it is in harmony with the natural surroundings of the UNESCO protected national park in which the villa located. Free time can be spent trekking, biking, or just taking a gentle hike in the nature that surrounds you, visiting the local town, or lounging by the pool at the villa. If beach time is important to you then you are only half an hour’s drive from the sea, and it’s possible to book massages and holistic treatments in advance. Three vegetarian and vegan meals per day are provided. The perfect mini reset, and if like me you believe in balance, you could always add a weekend in Barcelona onto that…

Style: General Detox
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Price: From €325
Closest Airport: Barcelona (53 km)
Airport pick up included? No
Languages: English & Spanish
Vegan Friendly?: Yes


8 Day Longevity Juice Detox Retreat in the Algarve, Portugal


Juice cleanses both terrify me and intrigue me, I have dipped my toe in them before, doing a 2-day juice cleanse in Kuala Lumpur which was okay… they do however become much more appealing when they become part of a detox retreat – combined with a stay at a spa hotel, complete with an infrared sauna, all the massages and treatments you can dream of (including floatation sessions!), not to mention a gym, tennis court, and daily instructor-led classes from yoga to dance. The retreat includes a wellness evaluation and nutrition consultation so your liquid detox menu, including supplements, will be tailored to your unique requirements. I could definitely spend a week sipping on juice here.

Style: Juice Fasting, Alkaline, Vegetarian, Massage, Mindfulness & Detox
Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Price: From €2,244
Closest Airport: Faro (19 km)
Airport pick up included? Available for additional € 36 per person
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Upon request

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5 Day Yoga and Juice Detox Retreat, UK

detox retreat UK

This award-winning UK detox retreat haven is a luxed-up farmhouse, located in the rolling green pastures of the Sussex countryside. It has something for everyone with multiple different accommodation options to suit all prices, from twin share rooms to luxury eco-cottages and treehouses. It also has different nutritional options with raw vegan food as well as juices, and a range of classes and sessions to take care of the body and mind, including yoga, meditation, as well as life coaching and NLP workshops. If you are looking for a detox retreat with a complete holistic health emphasis then this one if for you. Its design means it can support you with just general wellbeing, or can be focused on physical conditions such as IBS and fibromyalgia –– on top of promising a psychological and emotional cleanse and reset.

Style: Juice Fasting, Colon Hydrotherapy Detox, Raw Food Detox, Alkaline Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Skin Cleanse, Vegetarian, Mindfulness & Detox
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Price: From €808
Closest Airport: London Gatwick (38 km)
Airport pick up included? No
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes


Detox Retreats USA and Central America

14 Day Rainforest Detox Retreat, Costa Rica

costa rica

Daily yoga, check. Hot springs and waterfalls, check. Swimming pool and jacuzzi, check. Naturopath consultation, check. Vegetarian food and juices, check. Spa treatments, including hydrotherapy and a sweatlodge, check… and the list just keeps going. Even without all of that, who would say no to two weeks in the Costa Rican rainforest? Everything about this retreat sounds like perfection, and given its length, it is definitely one of the more budget-friendly options. While in Costa Rica, consider also experiencing the magic of an ayahuasca retreat.

Style: Juice Fasting
Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Price: From €808
Closest Airport: London Gatwick (38 km)
Airport pick up included? No
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

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6 Days of Kundalini, Meditation and Spiritual Bliss in Hawaii

Hawaii has been on my bucket list for a while and since discovering this retreat it’s jumped closer to the top. Located by the beach this detox retreat promises a complete spiritual immersion with Kundalini yoga, crystal bowl sound healing, meditation, and yoga philosophy lessons led by a healer and shaman. Oh, and to take care of the body, as well as the mind and spirit, there is a private chef who can accommodate all dietary requirements –– and the option to include a three-day juice cleanse. Not only is there beach and yoga, but a gym and swimming pool on-site for when you want to mix it up.

Interested in some serious soul healing on mainland USA? Check out this four-day retreat in the Arizona desert and also those self-love affirmations to get you ready.

Style: Juice Fasting
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Price: From €1,794
Closest Airport: Kahului Airport (14 km)
Airport pick up included? Yes
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request


Detox Retreats Asia

15 Day Energy Booster Detox Retreat, Thailand

thailand detox retreat

The islands in the Gulf of Thailand are some of my favourite places in the world, with their white-sand beaches, crystal clear sea, and incredible food and fruit. This retreat is my current pick of the bunch in this region. Don’t be put off by the fact it sells itself as a weight loss retreat, it just offers some more dynamic fitness options, such as hiking, cycling and Muay Thai, as well as daily yoga and meditation classes. It has a health food cafe on-site, which is mainly plant-based with raw vegan and vegan options, as well as some flexitarian dishes if that’s your thing. There is both beach and jungle nearby, as well as a pool, sauna and ice bath (if a Wim Hof element appeals) at the retreat centre. This detox retreat offers rejuvenation for the body, which will no doubt leave you happier and healthier in mind, heart and spirit.

Check out my recommendations for Thailand retreats here.

Style: General Detox
Duration: 15 days / 14 nights
Price: From €755
Closest Airport: Samui (10 km)
Airport pick up included? No
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes


11 Day Sustainable Yoga, Ayurveda and Detox Retreat, Sri Lanka

sri lanka

If you are looking for a detox retreat that aligns with mindful and sustainable travel then this eco-retreat centre, located on a plantation in a village in Sri Lanka that supports both the natural environs and the village community is ideal. The retreat is built around principles of Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India and the natural complement to yoga. You will have a consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor, daily Ayurvedic treatments which often include massages, daily yoga and meditation, and lots of rest or activity time. The meals are made with food that is grown on-site in the fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens, as well as a paddy field. Guests are able to join in picking and harvesting the produce, and there are also cookery demonstrations. Heaven.

Style: Spices Detox, Ayurveda
Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Price: From €1,334
Closest Airport: Bandaranaike International Airport (73 km)
Airport pick up included? Available for additional € 58 per person
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request


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