My Paris Vegan Guide

Visiting Paris soon and searching for a restaurant vegan Paris guide? You’ll be pleased to know, Paris is super vegan-friendly these days! Whether you’re a vegan or vegetarian traveler, Paris has a thriving plant-based scene that will let you sample the famous French cuisine without hurting animals. From charming bistros to gourmet fine dining, there are vegan and vegetarian Paris restaurant options for every taste and budget. I was lucky to visit Paris quite a few times in the past year and decide to compile the best of vegan Paris in this guide.

These days it’s super easy to be vegan in Paris and that’s amazing news! Ready for the best vegan restaurants Paris guide? Mais oui!

restaurant vegan paris

The Ultimate Restaurant Vegan Paris Guide

1. Le Potager de Charlotte

Le Potager de Charlotte

With two locations to choose from, Le Potager de Charlotte is a delightful vegan restaurant that deserves to be at the top of this list. With a focus on seasonal and creative plant-based dishes, this charming eatery offers a menu that celebrates the flavors of fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From yummy brunches to healthy and delicious dinners, Le Potager de Charlotte is a must-visit for vegans and food enthusiasts seeking a unique dining experience in Paris. On the brunch vegan Paris map, this is hands down my favorite (I only went to the one in the 9th arrondissement!)


2. Mesa

mesa vegan paris

Located in the wonderful HOY hotel, come and elevate your vegan dining experience at Mesa, a fully vegan Paris restaurant that combines artistry, innovation, locally-sourced ingredients, and plant-based cuisine. This culinary gem takes vegan gastronomy to new heights, presenting dishes inspired by the chefs’ Latin American roots, that showcase the finest local and organic ingredients. With a constantly evolving menu, Mesa offers an unforgettable experience for vegans looking to indulge in some really fancy plant-based fine dining.


3. Le Potager du Marais

I didn’t have the best experience at Potager du Marais because the service was so terribly bad, but the food is really good and there aren’t that many options for vegan traditional French cuisine in Paris, hence I decided to include it anyway. Located in the vibrant Le Marais district, Le Potager du Marais is a bit of a dark and dingy restaurant, but don’t let that deter you (or better, try to score an outdoor table). You’ll find things like French onion soup, hachi parmentier, escalope de seitan, and tarte tatin. It’s honestly really good if you don’t expect much from the service! A restaurant vegan Paris staple despite it all!


4. L’âge d’Or

l'age d'or paris vegan

The 13th arrondissement is home to this cultural restaurant bar called L’Age d’Or, which features eco-friendly food and quirky décor. L’ ge d’Or aims to stimulate your senses, knowledge, and experiences. Vegan and vegetarian options are available, and the cuisine is built around regional farmers and sustainable agricultural products. The Gaby bowl is great! There’s also a weekend market on Saturday, art classes, music, and a full agenda of cultural activities. There aren’t many vegetarian Paris restaurants options but this is definitely one to check out!


5. Les Bols d’Antoine

les bols d'antoine

For those seeking fresh and nutritious vegan bowls and salads, Les Bols d’Antoine is a healthy cafe that serves up nutritious and seasonal Buddha bowls. Vegan food in Paris can often mean not super healthy, but this is absolutely not the case here! And it’s all organic and fully vegan! This beautiful eatery offers a customizable menu, allowing you to create the perfect bowl packed with a variety of fresh ingredients. From colorful veggies to plant-based proteins and tasty dressings, each bowl will leave you feeling nourished.


6. VG Patisserie

VG Patisserie vegan Paris

Perhaps the best vegan restaurant Paris option? For those with a sweet tooth, definitely. Let’s say vegan bakery Paris option for sure. Don’t miss visiting VG pâtisserie Vegan Paris, an all-vegan patisserie that offers all the traditional vegan pastries you could think of in all vegan formats. From flaky croissants and pain au chocolat, to beautiful intricate cakes and delicate macarons, VG Patisserie proves that vegan desserts can be just as delicious and beautiful as their traditional counterparts without animal products. Treat yourself to these amazing creations at least once!


7. Les Vignes du Liban

vignes du liban

From creamy hummus to crunchy falafel, mezze platters, and hearty stews, this excellent Lebanese food joint serves huge portions with courteous service. It’s an excellent tiny eatery with a friendly atmosphere and hearty, tradition-conscious food. The costs are extremely reasonable too, which can be rare in Paris!


8. La Bauhinia

la bauhinia

La Bauhinia is not the most vegan-friendly option on this list, but I wanted to mention it because it’s such a lovely dining experience with a beautiful view. La Bauhinia is located in the Shangri-La hotel and offers a refined menu that combines French and international flavors with a few vegan options to pick from. It’s first-class as you’d expect from a restaurant located in a Shangri-La hotel, and the perfect spot to take your non-vegan friends to a fancy dinner and for everyone to be happy. Stroll to the Eiffel Tower afterward for the perfect evening out.


9. Land and Monkeys

Another patisserie vegan Paris option, Land & Monkeys is a vegan coffee shop that offers a selection of savory items such as sandwiches, salads, and — most importantly — patisseries, bread, and cakes. It’s hard to put into words how great it is to go into a bakery as a vegan and know that you can order anything and anything on the menu. There are only a few little café-style tables inside, and there are a few more outside, so you might have to take it to-go. It’s really good and the perfect place to start your day in Paris! I find it amazing that there are now several vegan bakery in Paris options!


10. Kébi Restaurant

Another Lebanese restaurant, but with a twist. Their specialties, kébis (kibbeh) are served in various options (including vegan and vegetarian options) in a repurposed rundown Italian restaurant. Transport your taste buds to the Mediterranean with their flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine. Along with your kibbeh, I recommend some of their side dishes, such as sauteed spinach with sumac and peanuts, roasted eggplant, or a salad of pine nuts, greens, and molasses. Yummy.


11. Aujourd’hui Demain

aujourd'hui demain vegan paris

Aujourd’hui Demain is not just a vegan concept store, it’s also a delightful café that caters to plant-based food enthusiasts with an amazing menu. Stop by for a quick bite or a refreshing smoothie and immerse yourself in the vibrant and eco-conscious atmosphere. From amazing burgers to vegan fish and chips and decadent desserts, Aujourd’hui Demain offers a range of vegan options that are as delicious as they are sustainable. Fuel up on nourishing plant-based goodness and explore their collection of vegan products while you’re there. A highlight of the Paris vegan scene (and the best burger vegan Paris for sure!)


12. Ground Control Paris

ground control paris

Looking for a unique dining experience? Head to Ground Control Paris, a vibrant food and entertainment hub that hosts a variety of food trucks and pop-up eateries. Located near the Gare de Lyon in a former postal sorting hall, Ground Control is a 6500m² space where people meet and mingle for various activities, one of them being eating! You’ll find everything for all tastes including some vegan options (I was a big fan of Isana and Coin-Op Table) and a full calendar of activities ranging from music, art, and various workshops such as learning how to make your own eco-deodorant. A super vibrant place definitely worth checking out, especially when the weather is good.


13. Roulo

An unfussy neighborhood joint with a friendly kitchen serving spring rolls and all and any taste. I love the concept of revisiting the spring roll in creative forms and the service was friendly and everything was fresh and amazing. Many vegan and vegetarian options and a great outdoor terrace. I had the falafel roulo with a side of grilled vegetables.


14. Jah Jah By Le Tricycle

Jah Jah delivers delicious vegan bowls and vegan burgers that are influenced by Afro-Caribbean cuisine. I really loved tasting some new stuff, as it was a very nice change from the sometimes heavier European cuisine that can be found in the French capital. Really flavorful, delicious, and fresh! The service was prompt, the staff was nice, and the price was excellent!


15. L’été en Pente Douce

vegetarian restaurant in paris

In a serene area of Montmartre, sits th is lovely little restaurant called L’été en Pente Douce. The food is fantastic; the flavors in the vegan dishes were phenomenal despite the menu’s simplicity. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to pick from. I recommend heading there after visiting the Sacré-Coeur, and I’m hoping to return to Paris soon so I can visit it once more! Simple and great, as French food should be.


16. Urban Greener

Urban Greener is another 100% vegan restaurant in Paris! The short menu includes a dish of the day in addition to 3 seasonally-changing appetizers, main courses, as well as desserts and cold-pressed juices. They organize culinary classes and events and exclusively utilize organic and/or regional ingredients. A lovely and cozy place minutes from Sacré Coeur.


17. Sol Semilla

sol semilla vegan paris

Sol Semilla is a health-conscious restaurant on Rue des Vinaigriers in the 10th arrondissement with a menu of seasonal, plant-based dishes and a small shop attached that sells pantry items. The food and drinks there are excellent and really nutritious, all bio, gluten-free, and vegan. The veggie ceviche was especially great. The service was also excellent. It’s a great place with a cool hippie granola vibe!


18. Abattoir Végétal

abattoir vegetal

With two outposts located on Rue Guisarde on the Left Bank and Rue Ramey on the Right Bank is this beautiful all-vegan restaurant with a somewhat disturbing name, haha. The name comes from the fact that the place used to be a charcuterie. At Abattoir Vegetal, no harm is done to any of the food, aside for the zucchini — apparently, they deserve it. Lol. As well as being a fully vegan cuisine, the restaurant also offers several gluten-free options, which is no small feat for France. There are a lot of French specialties made vegan here, and it’s worth visiting just for how beautiful everything is.


19. Cloud Cakes

cloud cakes paris

Cloud Cakes is a fully vegan bakery and cafe, where you will find vegan cupcakes, pancakes, pastries, and the likes, as well as some savoury options for lunch, such as soup and avocado toast. Their cupcakes and croissants are excellent. The drinks are great as well, particularly the chai latte and fresh juices. If you love sweets and are a vegan, this is a great cozy bakery to try out!


20. Hank Burger

To get your fix on fast food and juicy vegan burgers, look no further than Hank vegan burger! What’s better than eating a yummy fat juicy burger? Why, eat guilt-free burgers, of course. Hank’s idea was to create a more conscious and more sustainable fast food that can also satisfy big appetites, and I think they very much succeeded!


So these were in my book the best places for plant-based restaurants in Paris! There are so many vegan food Paris outposts and vegan-friendly restaurants these days, so I’ll aim to update this vegan guide when I go back to Paris, but this is all I got time for so far!