The Best Yoga Studios in Berlin

I get asked on Instagram almost every day what the best places for yoga in Berlin are. Truth be told, with over 400 different yoga studios offering classes in the city, and so many yoga styles having come into existence, I cannot for a fact guarantee I have discovered absolutely all of the best yoga Berlin places in existence. I have, however, in my 5+ years here, tried many of them, some good and some not so good, and I have for sure taken on a liking to some specific beautiful studios and passionate teachers. So whether you’re in Berlin temporarily or settling in forever, whether you prefer the full German immersion, or would rather ease into things and do yoga in English, Berlin has it all lined up for you!

the best yoga studios in berlin

After having had a bit of a fall out with Jivamukti (a story for another day perhaps), I was in dire need of a new yoga community, so this post is all about my favorite Berlin yoga spots I have used for my own practice. Bear in mind, this is my personal opinion, from the perspective of an intermediate-to-advanced practitioner who likes an intense Hatha yoga practice and a good sweat. I do believe the studios listed below offer classes for all levels, including more relaxing options such as yin yoga or restorative yoga, however. They all also offer online classes and offer both class package options or are also on the Urban Sports Club app, which I have opinions about, but will spare you for now.

Yoga School Berlin: My Favorite Yoga Studios

High on Yoga

yoga berlin

High on Yoga became my new home and favorite yoga studio in Berlin. A refreshing step away from the anonymity of larger money-motivated studios, High on Yoga is a happy and challenging mix of Vinyasa and Ashtanga. It’s the queer-friendly safe place for yoga in English Berlin absolutely needed. The studio is sun-filled and cozy, the classes are intimate, and you always get plenty of hands-on adjustments by Mateusz who dips into many Ashtanga sequences – which I of course love. This is also where I have found the most challenging yoga classes in the city — every Sunday at 18h, Mateusz will most definitely give you a run for your buck with his intense vinyasa flows and I personally ain’t complaining. They also offer teacher trainings, and I’m currently doing my yoga teacher training at High on Yoga and would highly recommend everything about it.

Practice Yoga Berlin

Another wonderful independent studio in the heart of Berlin that caters to all levels of yoga practitioners and that is heavily inspired by the traditional Ashtanga and Jivamukti worlds. Practice Yoga has some fantastic teachers that I have been practicing with for many years and their standard of teaching is always high and always challenging. The teachers are all Jivamukti-trained and teach yoga in the traditional understanding (as a spiritual practice). Check out Juan’s classes, they are as fun as they are challenging. My top pick for a Jivamukti yoga school. In a similar style, you can also check out Peace Yoga Berlin.

Ashtanga Yoga Berlin

Picking an Ashtanga teacher is a highly personal choice, pretty much the same as picking a therapist. For the Mysore practitioners out there, there are a few amazing teachers for Ashtanga Yoga in Berlin. While I recommend doing your own research, communicating with the individual teachers to discuss your practice and your needs, and going to trial classes before committing to anything, the brief exchanges and few trial practices I had with Grischa at Ashtanga Yoga Berlin were wonderful and I would highly recommend them. What worked for me might not work for you, however. Ashtanga requires a lot of self-awareness and discipline and I personally find it almost impossible to maintain my own regular practice in my everyday life in this manic city.


An option for easier yoga in Friedrichshain. This is usually where I go when I want to practice my German because the classes are generally easy and slower, which allows me to be able to follow along. If you’re more of a slow-paced type of yogi, this might be a good option for you also. The studio is gorgeous and filled with plants.

Dharma Yoga Berlin — Hanuman’s Loft

Dharma Yoga was a beautiful discovery I made last Summer while following a great teacher called Juliette van der Weijde. It’s a beautiful spacious space unsuspectingly tucked around Heinrich Heine Platz. I cannot vouch for any other teachers, but Juliette offers very challenging classes that always put me completely out of my comfort zone (try her backbend workshops if you dare!) She offers expert guidance to help push past what you thought your physical capabilities were and I promise you will get out of there thinking, “WOW, I did this” every single time.

Mahalaya Yoga (Formerly Berlin Hot Yoga)

I started going to this studio because it’s in my neighborhood but then discovered Juliette’s classes and fell in love with practicing in a heated room, especially during our crappy winters. Not all classes are in the dreaded Bikram Yoga 41-degree sauna, so it’s a good introduction to see if you can bear the heat while you practice. My experience has been that it is very challenging, especially at first, but also extremely relaxing. It’s a beautiful quiet studio filled with highly dedicated and disciplined students, which I always find very inspiring. My #1 recommendation for a Berlin hot yoga studio.

What are your favourite yoga studios in Berlin?

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