Yoga Berlin: My Favourite Studios to Stretch it out

1st October 2019

I get asked on Instagram almost every day what the best places for yoga in Berlin are. Truth be told, with over 400 venues offering classes in the city, I cannot for a fact guarantee I have discovered absolutely all of the best yoga Berlin has to offer. I have, however, in my 3+ years here, tried many of them, some good and some not so good, and I have for sure taken on a liking to some specific spots and teachers. So whether you’re in Berlin temporarily or settling in forever, whether you prefer the full German immersion, or would rather ease into things and do yoga in English, Berlin has it all lined up for you!

This post is all about my favourite Berlin yoga spots. Bear in mind, this is my personal opinion, from the perspective of an intermediate to advanced practionner who likes an intense pratice and a good sweat. I do believe the studios listed below offer classes for all levels, however.

Yoga Berlin: Before you Commit to a Studio, you Don’t Have to!

Have you heard of Urban Sports Club? It’s a flexible sports class membership to access yoga classes, pilates, fitness, swimming pools, indoor cycling, HIIT, partner yoga, dancing, you name it! Even massages are available on some plans. It can get a little overwhelming at first since there are hundreds of offerings (over 400 studios offering yoga in Berlin alone). The studios listed below are almost all part of Urban Sports Club, so the good news is that you don’t need to be tied to a contract if you’d like to pick and choose and move around the city. The membership is super flexible, you can cancel on a monthly basis, and has packages ranging from 25€ to 112€. You can also get 30% discount on the first 3 months for M & L & XL memberships with my discount code DEAMELIE20!

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Jivamukti Yoga Berlin

Jivamukti was the first studio I visited when I arrived in Berlin because of their attractive introductory offer for new students (one month unlimited for 39€). It has been a bit of a love/hate relationship for a few reasons (nothing to do with their teachers – they are amazing) but I always end up going back to them. They have the best, most well-trained teachers, the highest level of teaching, best music, nicest studios and most serious, devoted students. Jivamukti has been my therapy while adjusting to life in Berlin and despite (or maybe because of) the relative anonymity of the place (I’ve been going there regularly for over three years and I think one teacher recognizes me), it’s felt like a safe home to me.

That said, since Urban Sports Club came around, the classes at Jivamukti are sometimes unbearably crowded and the level of attention and care received from the teachers is not what it used to be. There’s a Jivamukti Yoga Berlin Mitte and there’s a Jivamukti Yoga Kreuzberg, and the membership gives you access to both, which is very convenient.

Ashtanga Mitte Berlin

For the Mysore practitioners out there, there are a few amazing teachers for Ashtanga Yoga Berlin. This is a very personal matter and I recommend doing your research, communicating with the individual teachers to discuss your practice and your needs, and going to trial classes before committing to anything. What worked for me might not work for you. I personally crashed and burned doing Ashtanga last year and sustained a hamstring injury I am still struggling to heal one year later. Ashtanga requires a lot of self-awareness and discipline that I don’t seem to be able to grasp living in this manic city while dating people and working full time.

But I digress. I spent a few months with Tom after my two months of Ashtanga in Thailand last year and I loved and trusted his guidance. The studio is beautiful and the classes are small. I highly recommend you get in touch with him if you are thinking of establishing (or starting!) your Ashtanga practice in Berlin. I hope to get back to it when I get wiser.

High on Yoga Studio Berlin

A refreshing step away from the anonymity of larger money-motivated studios, High on Yoga is a happy and challenging mix of Jivamukti and Ashtanga. It’s a queer-friendly safe place for yoga in English Berlin absolutely needed. The studio is small, the classes are intimate, and you always get plenty of hands-on adjustments by Mateusz who dips into many Ashtanga sequences – which I of course love. High on Yoga was a wonderful discovery I made via Urban Sports Club in the Kreuzberg / Neukölln area!

Sun Yoga

For those of you who prefer hot yoga, Berlin also has kind of too many options. I personally have a little trouble with the intense heat and tend to get light headed and a little anxious, but for Bikram yoga in Berlin, Sun Yoga is a nice and friendly option. I think it’s worth a try, especially when it’s cold and horrible outside. The classes are mostly in German (a few in English) but the staff is English-speaking friendly and – important after this kind of class – the showers are lovely.


An option for yoga in Friedrichshain. This is usually where I go when I want to practice my German because the classes are generally easy and slower, which allows me to be able to follow along. If you’re more of a slow-paced type of yogi, this might be a good option for you also. The studio is also very pretty.

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  1. Esther Harris

    Excellent post! I’m coming to Berlin to do research for my mastership in-laws, so I needed to know where I can make yoga, it’s something I do daily, it helps me a lot to deal with stress or anxiety! Also, a nice way to stay in good shape!


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