Best Yoga Teacher Training Europe 2024 Guide

My first yoga teacher training was in India in 2015, not only was it an amazing way to deepen my yoga practice and learn about anatomy and yoga philosophy, but it was an incredible journey of self-discovery, and I met some truly special people there… a time and people which led to me exploring the beaches of Goa, healing from some pretty devastating heartache, learning Thai massage in a hill tribe village outside of Chiang Mai, and ultimately cycling through Asia to Europe and ending up in my now home of Berlin! When I reflect back on that YTT, I realize that the transformation I experienced during those four weeks on a spice farm in Goa has had a pretty profound influence on my life beyond becoming a registered yoga instructor. So today I wanted to talk about Yoga Teacher Training Europe 2024 options!

Yoga Teacher Training Europe

I’ve been thinking a lot about the best yoga teacher training Europe destinations for 2024 and where to go to become a certified yoga teacher. After some pretty extensive research, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide covering the top foundational and 200 hour yoga teacher training course in Europe for the dedicated yoga student who wishes to take their own practice to the next level through these intensive yoga courses.

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Your Guide to the Best Yoga Teacher Training Europe Courses

Yoga Teacher Training in Germany

When I first arrived in Berlin I didn’t know how long I would stick around for, but 8+ years later I’m still going strong! It wasn’t just the amazing vegan culture that won me over, but also all the incredible yoga. For those non-German speaking ex-pats (hi!), you will be pleased to hear that Berlin is the main hub for English-language-led yoga classes and yoga schools in Germany. Also, whatever neighborhood you end up in, chances are that there will be some incredibly high-quality yoga on offer in a gorgeous studio and in a range of styles of yoga — from fiery Vinyasa flows to the mellowest of Yins, from Tantra to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga.

Having been around the Berlin yoga block once or twice, I’m pretty confident in saying I’m somewhat of an expert in the Berlin yoga scene. There are a lot of great yoga teacher trainings in Berlin, but one, in particular, is a real stand-out…

300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at High on Yoga

300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at High on Yoga

This is a strong foundation 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Europe that differs from the many others available that adhere to the 200-hour yoga teacher training Europe standards. The extra 100-hours of this course means you will deepen your knowledge of Sanskrit, yoga anatomy, how to structure and teach a high quality yoga class, get really in-depth hands-on adjustment experience (my favorite part!), and also take a deep dive into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita — the two most influential yoga philosophy texts on contemporary yoga.

The backbone of the course is Ashtanga, which is the style of yoga from which vinyasa flow, power yoga, and all dynamic styles stem from. So if you are curious about Ashtanga, I would really recommend this course, as not only will you develop a Mysore self-practice in your daily life in order to integrate what you are learning and deepen your personal practice, but you uncover more of the lineage of this practice by exploring the original Krishnamacharya/Pattabhi Jois methodology. Also, if you want to deepen your yoga practice but are not sure you are ready to commit to a full teacher training, you can take the first 100 hours of the course as a standalone training, with the option to continue with the further 200-hour training at a later date. A truly transformative experience.

If you are based in Berlin (or looking for a place to work remotely whilst doing a high-quality yoga TT) and want to balance these kinds of training programmes with your existing work schedule, I couldn’t recommend this YTT enough! It takes place over a series of nine intensive course weekends spread over 3-ish months, and as the course develops, there are opportunities for assisting and teaching classes with your assigned HOY mentor. The yoga studio is sun-filled and beautiful and the course is taught in small groups by amazing experienced yoga trainers. There is no better place in Berlin!

Duration: 9 intensive teacher training weekends spread over three months + extra for assisting/teaching
Price: from €3,690
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced (an established yoga practice is a prerequisite)
Languages: English

Yoga Teacher Training Spain

21 Day 200-Hours Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training from Indian School in Mallorca Island

yoga teacher training spain

This three-week yoga journey YTT in Spain packs a serious punch, with training in a variety of yoga styles from Ashtanga, to dynamic Vinyasa Flows, Hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra, Sivananda, and Yin — with an Ayurveda workshop and optional SUP yoga too! So you get to tackle many aspects of yoga 🙂 Not only will you spend your days in yoga asanas, anatomy, philosophy and physiology classes, but you will have over four hours of guided meditation, Kirtan (chanting), pranayama, and asana practice a day. If this all sounds a bit full-on, don’t worry — you will be staying in one of the most beautiful retreat centers set in lush grounds, with a saltwater pool. You are also just ten minutes drive from the beach, and you can even arrange for a massage onsite, so during your breaks there are plenty of ways to unwind and natural beauty to explore! Best place to relax while doing YTT courses!

This is a solid foundation if you are looking for experience in lots of different styles, particularly if you are also looking for a yin yoga teacher training in Europe. It’s also suitable for less experienced yoga practitioners. Upon completion, you will receive your certificate, which makes you eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance International.

I have a full article on yoga retreats in Spain too if that’s what you’re looking for. Spain is a great place with beautiful beaches and many amazing schools with a holistic approach and comprehensive curriculum.

Duration: 21-days (20 nights)
Price: From €2,300
Closest Airport: Palma de Mallorca Airport (8 km)
Airport pick-up included? A minibus is arranged for the first and last days of the YTT costing €10 per person
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: English, organizers also speak German, Italian, Spanish
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

29 Day 200-Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training Yoga Course in Cádiz, Andalusia

ytt spain

This four-week, small group (maximum 15 people), Ashtanga-based yoga teacher training will equip you with the teaching skills you need to teach modified Ashtanga and Vinyasa style classes with tons of practical experience. You will start your day with meditation and pranayama before a two-hour Ashtanga class. For the first couple of weeks, the Ashtanga class will be guided by the teacher, and after that, you will transition to the Mysore self-practice style, to further deepen and integrate your asana practice. After a late breakfast, you will have your anatomy, alignment, teaching methodology, and philosophy classes. You will have a long lunch break, where you can enjoy the relaxing surrounds of the villa accommodation and swimming pool, and round off your day with a 90-minute workshop before dinner at 7 pm. This yoga teacher training program runs 5-days a week, with a half-day on Saturday, and Sunday completely free, which gives you plenty of opportunities to explore the local seaside villages, hilltop towns, and even have a few surf lessons!

I recommend this Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Europe if you want a more relaxed timetable, but are a more experienced practitioner who wants to learn specifically about Ashtanga or deepen their existing practice from dedicated and experienced yoga practitioners. A thorough deep dive into the depths of yoga not only to teach but also for your personal growth.

Duration: 29-days (28 nights)
Price: From €2,750
Closest Airport: Jerez Airport (La Parra Airport) (60 km)
Airport pick-up included? No, can be arranged for €90. Car rental is good value.
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, organizers also speak Spanish
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal

21 Days TTC 200-Hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training in Madeira, Portugal

yoga teacher training Portugal

On these 200 hour yoga teacher training courses on the beautiful island of Madeira, you will immerse yourself in the world of Integral Yoga — a style popularized by Sri Swami Satchidananda that combines Hatha style asana with pranayama, meditation, chanting, and kriyas. The daily 12-hour program, starting with yoga asana and pranayama practice and ending the day with a meditation, will ground you in everything you need to teach yoga. You will be under the tutelage of two experienced dedicated teachers whose formal education and expertise transcend beyond Integral Yoga to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Qong, Educational Psychology, and extensive yoga philosophy knowledge. Expect a comprehensive overview of yoga anatomy and physiology, a deep understanding of the Integral Yoga system, and a well-rounded exploration of essential yoga philosophy texts and figures.

This registered yoga school is one of Europe’s most affordable as it is self-catered and accommodation is arranged at a nearby apartment complex where you can make your own meals or enjoy the local eateries.

Duration: 21-days (20 nights)
Price: From €1,980
Closest Airport: Madeira Airport (15 km)
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, organizers also speaks Portuguese
Vegan Friendly?: self-catered

24 Day 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Maxiais, Castelo Branco

ytt portugal

If you are looking for an amazing experience in an Ashram but can’t make it all the way to India, then this is your next best option. Set in a beautiful estate on the edge of the forest, you will be off the grid and living in harmony with nature, staying in simple eco-wooden huts. The Yoga teacher training is rooted in the Gitananda principles and style — but don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with this as you can complete a short foundation course beforehand to ground you in the essentials. There will be extensive study of yoga philosophy and pranayama techniques, specific Hatha asana and sequences, and yoga anatomy.

This yoga teacher training in Portugal is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, a UK-based accreditation body that is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance (confusingly).

Duration: 24-days (23 nights)
Price: From €2100
Closest Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (176 km)
Airport pick-up included? No, but there are plenty of buses that can take you to Castelo from where the ashram will collect you.
Skill Level: Beginner
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: yes, but confirm with the organizer in advance

Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

3-week Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga

alpha yoga school

This yoga teacher training keeps it focused. This course is perfect for those who like dynamic styles of yoga, want to improve their alignment and physical practice, and want to become yoga teachers. You will learn how to improve your practice with Ashtanga Yoga and learn how to teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Alpha Yoga is a Western yoga school for the Western yoga audience. You won’t waste time with cacao, fire, or dance ceremonies. You will experience not only a transformative physical and inner journey but also a proper science-based yoga education. For three weeks, you will practice yoga, swim in crystal clear waters, and wake up to stunning sea views. You will be treated with Greek-style hospitality. Remember “My big fat Greek wedding”? That kind of hospitality 🙂

Upon completing this yoga teacher training in Greece, you can register with Yoga Alliance USA and UK, so you can find a job in any yoga studio around the world.

Duration: 22 days (21nights)
Price: From €2710
Closest airport: Athens International Airport (170km)
Airport Pick up included: No, but Alpha Yoga arranges shared minibusses for all students
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Language: English, Greek
Vegan Friendly: Yes (especially the lava chocolate cakes in Lefkada Island)
Dates: April, July, September, October every year

Check out yoga vacations at Alpha Yoga School now!

23 Day 200-Hour Autumn and Winter Yoga Teacher Training in Charming Palairos

yoga teacher training europe greece

The founders of this YTT drew on their experience of learning and teaching yoga in India and Bali to create a slice of yoga heaven in the Greek coastal town of Palairos, one of the best places in Europe to come and learn yoga. As well as versing you in yoga anatomy, philosophy, alignment, meditation session, and pranayama, this YTT emphasizes how to teach students through small and large group instruction and giving physical adjustments. Your dynamic morning practices and more restful evening practices (such as Hatha, Yin yoga, Restorative, or Nidra) take place in a cliff-top yoga shala with views over the clear blue Ionian sea and surrounded by the scent of botanical herbs and olive trees. Three daily vegetarian meals are provided, and the range of accommodation reflects the lifestyle of this corner of the Mediterranean.

On completion of this 200-YTT in Greece you will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.

Duration: 23-days (22 nights)
Price: From €2,100
Closest Airport: Athens International Airport (283 km)
Airport pick up included? No, but a pre-booked seat in a shared taxi costs €80.
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: English, organizer also speaks Greek
Vegan Friendly?: yes, but confirm with the organizer in advance.

25 Day 200-Hour Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training on the Island of Amorgos

ytt greece

Torn between doing a yoga teacher training, visiting a Greek Island, and booking a luxury stay in a spa hotel… well, this Yoga Alliance recognized yoga teacher training in Europe has you covered. With daily meditation and pranayama sessions and two asana classes a day, on top of six hours of study dedicated to philosophy, anatomy, and teaching theory, as well as group discussion time, you will have a rigorous and in-depth YTT experience. All of this will take place in the multiple, beautiful yoga shalas and facilities of the Aegialis Hotel and Spa, and you will be fuelled by nutritious vegetarian and vegan food from the award-winning restaurant. Of course, on your days off and during your free time, you can unwind by the pool and make use of the spa facilities, or head out to explore the island.

Duration: 25-days (24 nights)
Price: From €3,268
Closest Airport: Athens International Airport (212 km)
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: yes

Yoga Teacher Training in France

10 Day 200hr Mentoring One to One Yoga Teacher Training in Charente, France

yoga teacher training in France

This unique yoga teacher training is a mix of one-on-one online and in-person modules designed to guide you through an immersive, bespoke, and in-depth experience. During your in-personal modules in the southwest of France, you will stay in a private house and have the opportunity to explore your yoga practice and teaching in a truly personalized way. This YTT is a great option if you are looking to work one-on-one with students, particularly those who experience chronic pain or health conditions that may not make group classes accessible. You will be supplied with a well-stocked fridge full of food you have requested to take care of your own breakfasts and evening meals, and you will share a daily vegan/vegetarian lunch with your yoga teacher.

Please note, the certification is through the World Yoga Alliance — which has no affiliation with Yoga Alliance.

Price: From €3,864
Closest Airport: Poitiers–Biard Airport (62 km)
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English — confirm with the organizer
Vegan Friendly?: yes

25 Day 200-Hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Saint Michel de Chabrillanoux, the Ardèche

ytt france

This Hatha YTT in the south of France will give you the flavor of both rustic countryside living and an ashram experience. You will get to know your small cohort of fellow trainees (up to 10 people) well and enjoy sharing meditation, pranayama, yoga, and the theory modules together, as well as taking turns preparing food for the group in a gesture of Karma yoga. Everything about this retreat is about living in accordance with yogic principles and finding community whilst connecting deeply with yourself. This is a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga teacher training.

Duration: 25-days (24 nights)
Price: From €2,400 for a dorm, so you can send an inquiry about camping.
Closest Airport: Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport (104 km)
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: Instruction is in French, but the organizer also speaks English.
Vegan Friendly?: yes

This is my round-up of the best yoga teacher training in Europe for 2023 and 2024! Not quite ready to commit to teacher training? Check out my list of 2024’s best yoga retreats and the best yoga retreats in Europe right now!